Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tip Top Tuesday - Weekend Edition

Sorry for being MIA yesterday, M was home with me again and we worked on a few things around the

We had a fantastic weekend! It was filled with awesomeness (word of the day right there) right from the start!!! 

Friday night M had baseball and they WON!!! It was actually a pretty good game to watch!! We went over to N & K's for a bonfire afterwards and ended up staying out until 2 AM... YEH that was a bit crazy, but nonetheless fun!!

Saturday morning we tidied up the house a bit, worked on laundry and then our power went out... so we decided it would be a good time to head into town and get some groceries and lunch. We came home to still having no power and it was beginning to get HOT in the house... we had our air on before! So I called the hydro company, trying to remain calm, but made sure that my frustrations were present. I guess a truck took down power lines... he said it would be back by 2:30, at which point I told him I have heard this all before and know that they have no problem bumping the time. I decided I would have a nap, since I could not get anything productive done. The phone rang at 2:30 and we had power again!! M watered both the front and back lawn and then we started packing for the boat.

What I failed to mention on purpose was that M's parents have been away on an Alaskan cruise since last weekend!! They actually got back last night, but they missed Pottahawk weekend! So M and I took the boat out, but took our friends K and S along too on Saturday night. We stayed out on the water overnight Saturday night and headed home around 4:00 on Sunday!! It was awesome weather!! I know I failed to explain what pottahawk weekend is... so here it goes:

Pottahawk is an island on Lake Erie with nothing on it, however boats will go out and anchor around it, as it is shallow. On the 2nd Sunday in July Pottahawk Piss Up happens. It is a MASSIVE boat party that THOUSANDS of boats go to, usually rafting up to each other. It is one of the biggest parties on water. People just walk the shallow water of the island, with music blaring and drinks in hand.

I tried to take some pictures but I forgot my memory card in the camera at home!! Oppss!! A good time was had though, we survived another pottahawk weekend, we had a great time with K and S!!

When we got home we decided the we would just have frozen pizza for dinner, however M insisted on buying buffalo chicken pizza... he seems to forget that buffalo chicken is HOT, as in spicy!!! I don't do spicy... and he has asked me to remind him in the future that he doesn't do buffalo chicken... I have told him this before, but I don't think he will forget again, at least for a while!!

I slept in yesterday until 10 AM, got up and we worked on more laundry, hung curtains in the office and wall art in the mudroom. I really need to get my curtains done!!

Girls night was fun, but can I just say how annoying Ashley is? She has got to be the worst bachelorette EVER!! I still love JP though!!!

Tonight we have dinner with M's parents to hear all about their trip!!

I am also going to try to get motivated on exercising again... wish me luck!!

How was your weekend?


Michelle said...

Too bad neither of you liked the pizza! I don't think I would have either. Isn't it crazy how we have to "baby" our men sometimes?

Steph said...

i've always wanted to go on an alaskan cruise...!!! hope they had a great time!!


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