Friday, September 9, 2011

People Really Live Like This?

While I was reading Us Weekly, I happened to come across this article that mentioned Lauren Conrad's house is for sale... so of course I checked it out:

In the article they just happen to link up the MLS listing.

So her house seems pretty normal, not too over the top, but while I was on her listing, I happened to see a few other houses in her "area".

Like this:

Please note the zebras taking on the poolside... seriously?! Or maybe the elephant below the spiral staircase...
Can you spot the giraffes?! 
 this is just the outside... 

Fear not... there is wild life on the inside too... this looks like a massive marine land figurine in their I'm guessing foyer?

The rest of the house is far from my liking, but feel free to check out the rest of the listing found here.
You can buy this house for a fantastic $2,695 000.

You all know I couldn't stop looking after that one...

I also happened to find a purple bathroom:
It happens to have a purple toilet and tub too!! You can find it here for $13,550 000. I'm sure it was custom... but this house also had this closet to die for:

And then there was this one, not in the same area as Lauren:
333 LEONARD STREET, Mammoth Lakes, CA.

LOVE the look of it outside and most of the inside, but the decorating is not exactly what I would do myself...
333 LEONARD STREET, Mammoth Lakes, CA.
Don't get me wrong.. its beautiful.. but the fireplace would look better all stone and the furniture appears to facing the wrong direction... I highly doubt this is the media room...
333 LEONARD STREET, Mammoth Lakes, CA.

This appears to be over done, 
as does this:
333 LEONARD STREET, Mammoth Lakes, CA.

But the house has a lot of potential for 
$16 400 000

And then I came across this one... 
21408 PACIFIC COAST Highway, Malibu, CA.
Just reduced!!! Only $9 500 000

It also comes with a view of:
21408 PACIFIC COAST Highway, Malibu, CA.
Now we are talking!! Oh and check out the dining room:
21408 PACIFIC COAST Highway, Malibu, CA.
I could eat breakfast with a view like that!!

Not to mention I have 2 dogs that would kill for a property on the beach, where they could run in and out of the waves! Okay... I am dreaming now... 

This last one seems the most practically decorated, aside from Lauren's. If I had 10 million to throw around, I would throw it this way!!

Which one would you take if you had the money?

Oh and Monday - Will be the day I do my new GIVE AWAY!!! It's exciting!!!


Michelle said...

Wow. That's so crazy! Makes my 1600 square foot house look like a shack.

Tricia said...

Um sooooo I'll just scrape up the next $9,500,000 that comes my way, because I am just in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that beach house as well!

A Beautiful Mess said...

New follower! Love this post! So funny to see how rich people live in their million beyond million dollar homes!


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