Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sheep and Pin Love

So before we get started with What I Loving and Oh So Pinteresting I have a story for ya - a real life story - people can't make this shit up I tell ya!

I was on my way home from work last night, there has been construction on the highway, so I have been backroading it, which I love at this time of the year anyways - aside from getting stuck behind tractors. I was just singing along to my ipod when I happened to notice something on the road ahead. I slow down and realize its a sheep!

I will admit, this caught me off guard a bit. Sheep are not all that popular around here. I drive by this sheep farm every day, yet they look sooo much bigger up close! I was surprised by the size of it!

So I slowly drive my car behind the sheep and it runs a head of the car and into the driveway, so I drove on to the next house, which I believed was the farm house - no one was there! I look back to the drive way and there are now a couple of sheep heading back to the road. So I turn around and drive my car into the driveway, chasing the sheep in further. I stop and realize they are not even penned in - there was no wire up. So I notice a car at the back of the property so I drive on back. I get out of my car, phone in hand - in my work shoes and clothes might I mention.

I start hollering "Hello?" All I can hear are sheep and these cute little cats. So I walk around the barn to find more sheep. These ones were bigger then the last. I don't know very much about sheep, there is sheep shit everywhere and I am trying not to walk in it, yet keeping an eye on these damn sheep. I notice a very elderly man inside, so I try to get his attention - no luck! I guess some sheep got out of their pens in the barn and he was using a board to guide them back in. So I have learned that sheep are quite stubborn. So I move some caging and pop my head in the doorway, trying not to startle the man, as he is elderly, I don't want to scare him into a heart attack... I finally get his attention and he says "okay, just be quiet a minute". So I stand there waiting for these sheep to co-operate with him and he comes over and asks me what I need. I told him that he had sheep on the road. He seemed confused, and questioned as to who I was. I explained that I was driving by and noticed his sheep on the road. So he walks over to the driveway and sure enough the 2 sheep I chased in were coming down the driveway. He said he would shake a can of corn and they would all come running... I said okay, well I just wanted to let you they were loose. I go to leave and the damn sheep block me in, he asked me if those were the ones... I said yah, I think so, it was one with less hair. He walks over to my car and says, "it's wool dear", thanked me and sent me on my way.

Oh the things I do.... and the lessons I learn...maybe just maybe you can't take the city out of city girl... I might die trying!

I am loving the weather we had yesterday... today it is supposed to storm, but yesterday was perfect!

I am loving some of the great blogs I have recently found!!

I am loving some of the friendships I have made via blogging!!

I am loving my new followers ;)

Oh - I am loving this sneak peak at the pictures we had taken by Stacey Hanlon on Sunday:

Can't wait to see the rest!!

I am also loving that man in the picture ;)

Grow and conquer

Hahaha! I would love to use this!

Must try making these!!

Such a fantastic idea - I hate trying to make the fitted sheet look nice!


J and A said...

That is too funny!!! Love your pins! I am so glad for bloggy friendships too!

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

popping over from WILW! I too am a canadian city gal, you should have seen me in alberta this past summer!

Hilary Lane said...

How did you choose a photographer? Josh and I have been wanting to have photos done so we can send out Christmas cards this year, but we aren't sure where to find an [affordable] photographer!

Shayla said...

HAHAHHAHA its wool dear. . . HAHAHA

That made me laugh so hard, mainly because I WOULDVE SAID THE SAME EXACT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greer's Gossip said...

Hhahahaa, that is too cute. I would have definitely said hair as well. Love the story and your blog! So glad to have found you!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I am a new follower. I am completely obsessed with pinterest now. I have the app on my iphone, and it is VERY dangerous. :)


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