Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seriously... It's Ok!

So today I am going to try 2 new link ups!! I am linking up with Becky for:

- Seriously?!  I just vacuumed and there is hair on the rug already... what is it about a freshly vacuumed rug that cats love to roll on?

- Seriously?! I have to work on Monday... I know I said yes, but who would I be to say no? 

- Seriously - Gracie you do not need a dog bed in every room. You need to stop pacing and understand that they need to be washed every now and then.... and no you cannot have the cat bed!

- Seriously - Mike just made his first batch of Jello that actually turned out... soo proud that my man that can cook the most complicated meals, can now - just maybe - make JELLO!

- Seriously? There is another blogger named Ashleigh and she has a blog called Life As I Know It! How random is it that I found her? I am her newest follower!

- Seriously!!! Greys starts tonight!!!! Sooo pumped!!

- Seriously! - the frog jumped under my car and died - I did not run over it, but it did die!!
I really hope that by doing this link up that it does not rehash an old frequent saying that I used waaay to often - "Seriously, I'm not even joking"

I am also linking up with Amber for:

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok that my vacuum ate my rug this morning and now I need a new one!! I am actually kind of excited about this because after switching rugs and using one that Mike had picked out from the old house (I don't even like it), there was a little string that the vacuum just happened to grab and suck in and around... and now the corner of the rug is missing! This means I can get the one I have had my eye on!

It's ok that I have no idea what this Erin Condrum is all about? Who is Erin and what did she do?

It's ok that I found a loonie in the washing machine, which then reminded me to check the little trap to see what else I could find, much to my luck... I found a lot of water pouring out when I opened it and nothing else.. except for a mess that I now had to clean up!

It's ok to want to paint my great room/kitchen AGAIN (did it less than 2 years ago) after seeing an awesome color on Pinterest... right?

It's also ok that Pinterest is going find me the end of my marriage at this rate with all the projects I want to do now... M now HATES pinterest!!

It's ok that pinterest is like porn for women... OMG I just used the word porn on my blog... my stats are going to go crazy!

Have a great Thursday!!!


Erin said...

hahaha you crack me up- it IS okay that you said porn on your blog. Maybe it'll get you a few more followers ;)

It sounds like you're having and okay Thursday! Hope the rest of the day continues to go well!



Rachel said...

I JUST discovered Pinterest and am so obsessed with it!! :)

Great blog!!


Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

erin condrum is this life planner. Basically it helps people get more done in the day with lots of sections ofr planning. Its $50 bucks too! I'll stick to my pad and paper :)

Michelle said...

Love your posts!

The life planners are pricey, but I think worth it. But I work on projects way in advance, so I need it.

And I agree, Pinterest *is* porn for women. It's totally my obsession!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh! And you must have a dog named Gracie? Me, too! And we're both Ashley's!

Check out my blog and enter my giveaway if you're interested!!


Jessica and Stephan said...

ooh, I'm gonna have to link up with these sometimes! Loved your thoughts, made me smile :) and I needed a smile today!


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