Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Friday!!!

Wow, this week seemed a bit longer than usual?!

I am totally looking forward to getting my nails done after work tonight!! I am long over due!! I am thinking gold sparkles, not a lot, just a little to give them some glimmer!!

I am also going to run some errands tonight while I am in town because our wardrobe for the mudroom has gone on sale!! I love sales!! I am also going to start picking up picture frames for the photo wall!! Just wait until I post our fall to-do list!!

As sad as I am that summer has come and gone and the weather is definitely cooler, I am looking forward to fall! I feel like we just skipped summer all together this year because we were soo busy! Note to friends planning weddings - not next summer okay? Okay!

I am working soo hard on cleaning up my life right now in all aspects! I feel that by doing this I can just move on and past everything! Everyone needs a good cleansing right? Different things are getting done around the house, exercise is being done, healthy living is happening and healthy relationships are in the works! I basically feel like I am throwing my life into detox, clearing out and starting over! Somethings gotta give and hasn't been lately! More on this to come!

I had coffee with one of my bestie's yesterday and then we ended up having dinner too!

More season premieres are coming next week and I am sadly excited about this!

Give away is open until 8:00 PM tonight!

I have always wondered about how hot air balloons plan a landing and then on my way to work this morning I saw this:

Made me laugh!! Boy do those balloon chasers move fast! It probably didn't help that there were about 3 other balloons floating around, looking like they were getting ready to land!

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for a winner tonight!

1 comment:

J and A said...

I hear ya on the cleansing the life. Start fresh for fall! :) YAY for pretty nails!


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