Friday, September 2, 2011

LONG weekend!!

Another long weekend has rolled around and I am able to say that we have NO PLANS!!! The whole weekend is open at this point!! I am kind of stoked about this!! I feel like I have been slacking on telling you what has been happening around the stomping grounds lately, but to be honest nothing has!

  • We ordered our new window, hoping it will be in soon! OH and did I forget to mention who won THIS arguement? Oh that was ME!!! No crank outs = no cranky wife! (No- that is not how I won...) 
  • Have I mentioned how big Lux has gotten? He is officially the same size a Binx!! He's not a teeny tiny kitten anymore, but he is still just as sweet!
  • So I had Wednesday off and worked Thursday instead and it REALLY throws my week off! Next week I am working a full week, minus the holiday Monday of course!
  • I know I have neglected to take pics of my new SUV... I will get on it!
  • Speaking of pictures, I REALLY WANT TO DO SOME SHOOTS!!!
  • Oh they are filming down the street from my work again... Murdoch Mysteries
That is about all the rambling I can ramble on about right now...

I hope everyone has a safe long weekend!!!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend! We didn't have any plans going into the weekend either, but it turned out to be busier than we ever imagined! I'm exhausted! I need another weekend to recover!


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