Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plans and Seriously... It's Okay...

I am ready to fully commit to an exercise and eating plan! This is going to be really hard, but I will take it one step at a time!

The rules:

 - keep a daily track of exercise and food intake.
 - exercise at LEAST once a day
 - limit salty food intake to once a week - this is going to be killer!
 - limit sweet food intake to once a week
 - drink 8 glasses of water
 - No carbonated beverages for 21 days. After 21 days limit intake to a minimum. (this started on Monday!! I am going on day 4 - no pop)
 - Eat 1 vegetable/fruit per day. This is going to be hard - hence why I started it at one!
 - Cut back on processed food, eat more fresh food.
 - Pasta - only twice a month.

After tracking myself on Spark People, I know I don't over eat my suggested calories per day, but where I get my calories from are the troublemakers!

Soooo I am going to do this! Starting October 1st, 2011. I am going to run a mini-trial until then! I might post some updates on how I am doing with this challenge!!

Wish me luck!

Now on to :

Seriously! I haven't had pop in 4 days!! I was tempted with Ginger ale last night and went with Iced Tea instead!! 17 more days to go!!

Seriously? My cats have 50 million toys and they are trying to tell me that they are ALL under a piece of furniture? Toys are toys... play with the ones that are still out...

Seriously! I LOVE my newly refinished antiques!! They make such a difference!!

Seriously?! Everyone is switching to Iphone?! I still like my blackberry!!

Seriously - skin it is time to calm down... I get that you are just trying to keep me young looking and all... but acne is NOT cool - no wrinkles is!!

Seriously! My bedroom satellite receiver decided we didn't need to watch it anymore, which then led me to call Bell last night at 10:30 PM, to have them tell me how to fix it, which I was going to do myself until M suggested I call...

Head on over to Becky's site to link up!

Its Ok Thursdays

Now on to It's Ok Thursday...

It's Ok that I missed my SUV and I am happy to have it back!!

It's Ok that I am working today instead of tomorrow, because this means I get a 4 day weekend!!

It's Ok that I am trying not to think of where we might travel to this winter! I'm a planner and Expedia keeps emailing me..

It's Ok that my window is in and I am now just waiting for it to be installed!!

It's Ok that my dogs have a routine and happen to know exactly what time they should be going outside before I go to work.. and God forbid if I am a minute late, they start the pacing... Why are Golden's sooo stinkin' smart?

It's Ok that Teen Mom is over... that show was driving me batty anyways.. not that I HAD to watch it...

It's Ok that I just watched X-Factor for the first time last night and only 15 minutes worth... it wasn't that it was bad, it was just that I fell asleep!


J and A said...

Nice work Ash! Wow that's quite the list of plans! Give yourself 1 day off from working out! You need a rest day! :)

Jessie Szmanda said...

Love these posts! :)

Please hop over to my blog, and help with Jillian and my movement!

Caroline said...

Way to go!

Amy said...

Good luck with the weight loss plan! I just joined sparkpeople too to try to work on getting rid of this excess baby weight! Following from Seriously?! Thursday!


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