Friday, September 23, 2011

Its Officially Fall!!

So fall is now officially here and it is raining! I would have loved to ring in the first day of fall with a nice walk, but that just won't be happening!

Soooo I bought my new rug! I am LOVE! - Oh and the rug is a big hit in the house! Remember how I was complaining about how Gracie won't settle without a bed, well she thinks this rug is her bed! She is in LOVE! We are all in LOVE - even M!!

Last night I ended up staying up a touch after 11 because I wanted to finish watching Grey's on my PVR, headed to bed, M comes to bed and is humming. Now I am sure I have mentioned that he is vocally challenged! I asked him what he was humming because I definitely could not "name that tune" - so he SAYS the words... he was singing:

Oh and it sounded nothing like that! Ohhh how I love my man!

I am going to attempt another new link up today:

Boob Tube Babble

I am linking up with Neely for Boob Tube Babble:

Where shall I start?

DWTS: I was surprised by Chaz Bono and David Arquette, did not love Elizabetta, but I am definitely rooting for Kristin!!

Sing Off: I don't even know why I like this show! I think I am just amazed that they can make music without instruments!

90210: I am not really liking Adriana... she is up to something and Naomi is sooo clueless sometimes...

Teen Mom: Amber drives me batty! I am sad for Caitlin and her boy - I wish they had better families! Oh and while I was watching Teen Mom this week, M asked me why I was watching trailer trash!?

Parenthood: Kristina looks awesome pregnant! I hope Haddie sticks by her man! My heart aches for Julia...

Up All Night: Hilarious!! Soo happy I found this show!!

Glee: Don't know if I am feeling it anymore!

Revenge: Was confused at first, but liking it soo far!

Grey's Anatomy: I love that it was a 2 hour episode, but was soo sad by the end of it! They deal with such hard topics!

X-Factor: Should I watch this? I don't know if I could stand Simon!

I hope everyone has a fantastic productive weekend!!

Happy First Day of Fall!

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Isabelle Thornton said...

That was a cute post! I can't stand Glee anymore..LOL
Man and i don't watch that many shows...I liked X factor...
New follower and would love a follow back!
It's the week end! Yay!

Hilary Lane said...

I haven't watched any of this weeks shows yet except for Modern Family and the first half of 90210. I didn't really like Up All Night, though. Was the 2nd episode better than the pilot?

Ms POSH said...

Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello and follow. Have a great Friday!

Susan said...

We gave up 90210 after first season. I have to agree with Glee though. I'm just not feeling it. Let's hope it gets better.

Tanya said...

I love your site! You just got yourself a new fan. Following you via GFC. Playing Blog hop tag, YOU'RE IT! Tag me back at: and on facebook

Kristen said...

I found you via the blog hop and am your newest follower. Your post made me laugh because I had basically the same reactions to all these shows...except I missed Gray's so now I'm excited to go back and watch it.

I'd loe if you'd folow me!


Kristin said...

gonna watch greys tonight!! i heard dreamy didnt sign a new contract... grrrr

Maves Faves said...

It’s the weekend! Woo Hoo! I’m a new follower from “Blog Hop Til You Drop”. I sure would like it if you stopped by and followed me back Enjoy your weekend.

Natalie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you watch as much TV as I do...hee hee! My guilty pleasure.

Cute blog!


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