Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall To-Do List

So let's try this listy thing again... I might have to go back to do monthly lists, I seemed to have better luck at completing things that way, but we will give this another shot.
  • Get and set up wardrobe in mudroom.
  • Pick wall for the wardrobe in the mudroom
  • Fill wardrobe in mudroom
  • Refinish bedroom furniture with Rustoleum
  • Get spa pedicure - (TOP priority I tell ya!)
  • Build bench for mudroom
  • Flip doors in mudroom
  • Finish mudroom door ways
  • Figure out a curtain idea for the window in mudroom
  • Make camera strap cover
  • Find other camera to take a picture of the camera strap
  • Cut back gardens
  • Plant new peoni bush
  • TAKE PICTURE of CAR for BLOG... it's on the list people!
  • Take some pictures to play around with photoshop
  • Get new picture window installed in great room
  • Put away lawn furniture
  • Fill hot tub back up

I think that is a good start for now!

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tiff snedaker said...

That's a nice long to do list, I hope you get it accomplished! I really need to do things like that more often. How fun that you are making a camera strap too. I've been looking at some to buy for my DSLR, it's the one time I wish I could sew.

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