Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Am Loving and Pinteresting Wednesday

I am going to quickly recap my weekend, as I did the wedding recap yesterday instead!

Friday night was Pie Night and it was fantastic!!

Saturday I grabbed some groceries and lunch with K and little G, took a nap in the afternoon and then got ready for the fireman's Christmas party. It went well too!!

Sunday M and I almost finished all our shopping. Just a few more small things to get ;) I have a few things to make and then we have to wrap it all up!

Monday I had an appointment in London in the morning and then went and visited my sister. She ended up in the hospital Sunday morning instead of the evening because she started spotting. Everything seems okay so far. Her ultrasound showed a healthy baby so far and it passed the biophysical test that day too!! Yesterday she hit another bump in the road though. In the morning she lost a significant amount of fluid (she is leaking small amounts normally). The baby's heart rate and movements showed decelerations on the stress test. So they decided to do a bedside ultrasound, which showed less fluid, but they could not find anything alarming on the ultrasound. But on a good note, today the baby passed the stress test! So it is going to be day by day for a while. She actually started blogging again last night and requesting prayers!!

Hannah seems to be getting better with the adjustment, but it is still a learning curve for everyone at this point!

So today I am loving:

- day by day progress for both my sister and myself!!
- I am loving my husband like crazy! He is soo supportive and is my rock!!
- I am loving my crazy cats and smart dogs!
- I am loving my new phone.
- I am loving friends and family and I am very grateful for everything they do! I am also grateful for all the people in my life!!

I am loving the following pins:

Love this verse. Actually it reminds me of this song that I have posted about before "Blessings" by Laura Story :


so true

Pinned Image

I think these are cool:

Pinned Image

I think this looks yummy:

Pinned Image
They are Golden Graham S'mores Bars

And these look festive and delicious:

Pinned Image
Strawberry champagne punch

I hope everyone has a great day!!! I know mine is off to a good start!!!


J and A said...

Love those quote and those wine glasses are so fun. Thinking of you sis. :)

Nicole said...

those wine glases/chalkboard glasses look so fun and so festive for the holidays coming up!

Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

Sending thoughts and prayers to your sister and her baby.


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