Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So What/Pinteresting Wednesday

Today I am going to link up with Shannon!! It has been a while since I have done so...

SO WHAT: if I woke up a bit bitter this morning... I am usually a pretty good fireman's wife - but today I am a bit whiny because I was sleeping soundly (finally - first night in a long time) and M got a chimney fire call at 1 AM and from that point on sound sleep went out the window!! Don't get me wrong, I love my hero and wouldn't have it any other way!

SO WHAT: if I went to bed with wet hair again last night and now my hair is curly - where did these curls come from? So today I have gone for the tousled curls look... Ha!

SO WHAT: if when I saw this quote:
Pinned Image
I did not know it was a song, yet alone by my friend Rascal Flatts:

Although I had heard the song and loved it... I didn't put the two together!!

SO WHAT: if I had a major blond moment yesterday.... I didn't realize there was a time change between Alberta and Ontario... and I am Canadian!!! Thank heavens for a patient Alberta friend.... lol Alison!

SO WHAT: if I am considering changing Lux's name to Lucifer permanently. He seems to answer to it and I tend to call him Lucy often, along with Lucifer.

SO WHAT: if M and I have discussion about what our pets would sound like if they could talk. We also decided it was best that cats can't talk, especially Jazz - her looks say enough - I can't imagine much positivity coming from that cat unless it was dinner or treat time! Or bed time. I swear though, she is a *SWEET* cat! See:

She's the gray one... and yes both you and I know that the bed is only meant for one cat... but c'est la vie!

SO WHAT: if I can operate a complicated camera and shoot in raw, yet I cannot seem to take a decent photo with my new phone, which has a 5 MP camera (which I know isn't great, but better than what I had) and it has a flash and I still suck!!

SO WHAT: if M and I are making caramel corn this year as the goodies we give out to our friends this year. He asked me why OUR baking projects turn into HIS baking projects. I told him it was because he was better (boost his ego a bit more). But come to think of it - I made the cookies last year and I decorated them too! I will be sure to remind him of this tonight when I read this post to him - he loves So What Wednesday posts and believes they should happen everyday for me!

SO WHAT: if I agreed to work Thursday this week and I already wish it was Friday!! I also had to cancel my much needed hair cut appointment I had made for Thursday.

Now for some:
Head on over and link up with Michelle!!

I love this headboard!! Soo rustic looking!!
Pinned Image

I find this VERY handy!! I might actually have to print these out:
Pinned Image

I love this hair style and I think and hope it might just work for Christmas this year - as I plan on curling my hair! (I would also like her eye make up)
Pinned Image

I am still struggling with some aspects of forgiveness:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Soo True:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I think Gracie would LOVE this dog Popsicle with toys frozen inside!!

Pinned Image

Have a great Wednesday!!!


Leah said...

Love all your pins and that song! Hope things are going well with you!

Jenn said...

Your pins are all fantastic! I especially love the quotes! (and I love the background of your blog!!)

Shannon Dew said...

That song is what J danced with his mom to at our wedding, LOVE it!

J and A said...

Love that songs! And I love your blond moment! :) Curls, how fun! I love the braid photo too, do it!

J and A said...

And that puppy popsicle is awesome!!!

leslie.conner said...

My pets TOTALLY have voices my husband and I make for them... creepy? We don't think so, but others might :) We have one dog and two cats - one cat is mute we've decided... like you said, his looks say plenty!


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