Friday, December 9, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

Today has started off fantastic, I am just hoping it continues to go that way!!

Have I mentioned how much I hate getting up the morning, especially at 6 AM - I also hate the snow!! Yup we got a few centimeters this morning and they can take a hike as soon as possible please!

I just realized my initial sentence probably sounded sarcastic after reading the second paragraph! But it really was good!!

I have made a list of the last items I need to pick up this weekend for Christmas gifts and then I am done!!

Last night M and I had a pizza date night in, since I wasn't feeling so great!! Love our pizza date nights!!

We have the Santa Claus parade in the village tomorrow night!

I also want to get going on making my caramel corn for Christmas! Every year we present our friends with a little home-made something - one year it was pie, last year was cookies, this year I want to try to make caramel corn! Which reminds me - I should try to print some labels.... then I just have to scrapbook the rest of them!

Otherwise, not to much is happening this weekend that is blog worthy at least...

My sister is still hanging in there, as is the baby. One of her neighbours up there went into labour last night, which was scary, as she was a week behind Amy - in preterm labor as well. She had a baby girl via c-section. Soo far that baby is holding on, but please keep that poor family in your prayers as well!!  I guess these things happen everyday but for now it has been brought to my attention how real and scary this world can be sometimes. I guess we should pray for all the people who deal with these struggles not just today, but everyday. It is soo easy not to think about the bad things that happen in this world, so I think I will just pray in general for those struggling, no matter what their struggle.

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Have a good weekend ;)

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J and A said...

Good quotes. Glad your sister is doing well. I was not a fan of the alarm ar 5:45am this morning etiher. Especially since J is home today! :(


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