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ABC's Of Our Wedding

I saw Allison at Moments Like This do this and thought it was a great way to remember our wedding!!

We have been married for 1599 (as of 06/12/2011) days aka 4 years 4 months and 2 weeks!

A - Attending

We invited just over 200 people!!! I signed back into and they didn't keep my guest list, which is fine because I have it in my wedding file, but it's not handy to give you our final number, but I am going guess it was just under 200.

B- Bridesmaids

I had 3!! Carrie was my MOH and my sister and Nicole were both bridesmaids:

Photo by Blair Gable

C - Cake

Believe it or nor, we decided to vito the traditional wedding cake! We did serve cake and ice cream for dessert, but we did not have the "cutting the cake" moment. It really wasn't all that important to me. 

D - Dress

My dress was not at all what I had initially went in wanting, but once I put it on, I knew it was the one!! I initially wanted a long flowy dress, nothing too extravagant and well that went out the window!!

Photo by Blair Gable

E - Engagement

Our engagement was very unique... I was over at the farm and M and I were trying to pick paint colors for the bathroom. We had just bought the house, but did not have possession of it yet. M was acting a bit off, but I just figured he was flustered about the house. He called me upstairs to his bedroom to "pick colors". His mom had made a comment about wanted to see them and M told her she would just have to wait. Little did I know that once I sat down, M had a different plan. He asked me if I would be his wife and spend the rest of my life with him! I can barely even remember the exact words!! He was a nervous wreck!! I told him yes and we were both ecstatic!! We didn't end up picking the paint color that night, but we did end up celebrating our engagement with M's parents, my MOH on the bleachers at the ball park at Mike's ball game that night!! Nothing like sipping on champagne at the ball park!! I tease M that he got the girl and won the ball game! We got our engagement photos taken at a retail store.... they were super cheap... I regret not getting them done privately, but oh well...

I don't even have a picture scanned in that I can think of...

F - Flowers

We had our flowers done by a local in the village!! I was very impressed!!

Girls Bouquets:

My Bouquet:

Both photos by Blair Gable

G - Groomsmen

M had 3 groomsmen - Jeff was his best man and Chad and Aaron were groomsmen!

Photo by Blair Gable

Both of our Dad's were in the above photo as well!! They actually wore the same thing as the groomsmen!

Here we are all together!!
Photo by Blair Gable

H - Honeymoon

M and I went to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We stayed at the Sun Village Resort and Spa. We swam with the dolphins at Ocean World, which was amazing!!

I - Invitations

We had our invites custom made at Staples. They were simple post card style with pink wording and a pink Gerber daisy on the top. I have some left over, but they are not really accessible to photograph!

J - Justice of the Peace

Mike's grandfather married us! He had also baptized him! We had an Anglican service with a sand ceremony. We were his very last wedding, and we weren't even sure that he would be comfortable doing it, but he did and it meant sooo much to us! Our ceremony was soo special because of this and we were absolutely honored that he did agree to marry us!

One of my favorite photos!!!

By Blair Gable

K - Keepsakes

Aside from my millions of photos, we have our sand ceremony jar and we have our wine glasses that my Dad engraved for us!! We also gave out these to our guests and we have one still:

My Dad also did the wine glasses for the wedding party:

Here is almost all of them:

We also had photo candles made in honor of our grandparents who had passed. We had a special lighting of them at dinner time.

Our centrepieces at the wedding were Siamese fighting fish in a bowl, with a candle in a wineglass.

We also have this BIG sign from our wedding:

We took a wagon ride to the hall, pulled by a John Deer tractor - of course M could tell you what kind, as it was antique... however it ended up breaking down and we got pulled by a different one! But the sign still hangs in our garage!!

I should have done this sooner than 4 years later, so I could remember everything!!

L - Ladies Night

I didn't want anything major, so we just went for dinner and to a bar after, at which point we felt OLD and decided on having a girls night after all!!

M- Music

I walked down the isle to traditional music. During the signing of the registry we had a friend of ours sing "Can't Help Falling In Love" and we walked down the isle to "So Happy Together" by The Turtles, which was a meaningful song to M and I. Our first dance was to "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley.

N - Newlyweds

Does this stage ever end? LOL!

Here are some more pictures:

By Blair Gable

By Blair Gable

By Blair Gable

By Blair Gable

O - Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Old - my Grandmother's ring, my shoes
New - my dress and veil, angel pin and the necklace M gave me!
Borrowed - my earrings
Blue - my garter

P - Photography

Almost all the pics in this post are by our amazing photographer - Blair Gable!!

Q - Question Popping

I explained that one above under engagement.

R - Reception

Was of course a BLAST!! But not without excitement...

This little guy came in for a visit:

He didn't have an invitation...

And then someone fell on my foot...

 So at this point the drinking began and the ice bag got taped to my foot... nothing was stopping this bride from dancing at her wedding... luckily I went with the poofier dress... I could stand still and just shake my hips!!

S - Shoes

You couldn't see my feet... I am not a fancy shoe kinda girl - comfort first - flips flops is what I wore, just as pictured above!!

The girls wore cute pink flip flop mini heels.

T - Trash The Dress

Nope... it is preserved in a box!!

U - Unique

We took a wagon ride to our photo locations and the hall.
We had an outside ceremony at the farm.
Our dogs came for pictures afterwards.
We had a bat at our wedding.
M's grandfather married us!
Us ladies did pictures with the backhoe and I got grease on my dress!
We had pictures taken with horses. I ended up with a green horse shoe print in the inside of my dress (is that luck or what) and the horse tried to eat my bouquet.

V - Vows

We did traditional vows from the Anglican ceremony

W - Wedding Woes

Not sure what this is... but I will mention that our wedding was absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change a thing... I am still just as in love with M as I was on our wedding day (July 21, 2007), if not more in love with him.


(By Blair Gable)
In order for us to kiss, people had to come up and demonstrate... hence the cowboy hat....

Y - Young Kids

We tried to have a kid-free wedding reception, however M's cousin brought his little boy. Luckily he was well behaved!!

Z- Zzzzzz

Wow - I am done!!!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my wedding!!

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Shannon said...

Hi Ashley - thanks so much for the wine-present! Love it so much and everything will come to good use for sure! I like this blog entry - I just got married in April this year and can't wait to do a similar type of blog for our first year anniversary! Thanks again & take care - have a great Christmas holiday season :)


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