Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!!

Today I have soo much to love!!!

Today was an awesome day!!! We met someone new and exciting!!!

I am loving how smoothly the month of December has gone soo far - crazy that Christmas is coming up in only 11 days!! I have a lot of wrapping to do!!

This week has been pretty busy, hence the lack of blogging... sorry!! Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way?!

I am loving the sales that Old Navy online keeps having!!

I am loving that my sister's baby is still staying put!! Only one minor scare this week....

I love that this picture looks like Jew aka Jazz, but as a kitten

Pinned Image

Love this look :)

Pinned Image

Love this treeskirt:

Pinned Image

And these words:

Pinned Image


I could go for one of these:

Pinned Image


Hello From the Kings! said...

I too LOVE passion tea lemonade from starbucks! Yum yum. Tastes like summer to me.

Victoria said...

yum, iced tea lemonades :)

hope your sister's baby stays inside until full time!!

J and A said...

I think you need to email me! :) Love the happiness in this post. :)

Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

Love the kitten picture! Kittens always make me happy. :)


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