Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho Back To Work I Go

I am back at work this week and my desk is FULL of requisitions!! My boss was not able to sign in to my computer while I was away because my password was not what I thought it was... kinda funny! So I was trying to sign in to my computer this morning and finally clued in to the problem - when I reset my password before I left (the computer made me) I didn't realize the Caps Lock was on! Opps!! So my password is super smart for the next 3 months!! Haha! My boss got a kick out of it!

Brrr it was cold out this morning, but fear not, it is supposed to warm up this week! I actually had to scrape the inside of my car windows this morning! I'm guess a window wasn't completely sealed? But thank heavens for heated leather seats I tell ya!

As much as I am loving Christmas movies, I miss my week night routines!

I did end up doing some sewing yesterday, until I bent the needle. I decided that Mike will have have to fix that, because I don't remember how to and then suggested that HE hand sew the part that bent the needle, as it didn't quite fit. M doesn't mind hand sewing, although I am sure he would rather sew with the machine, but I suck at hand sewing! I still want to attempt the 2nd project... I have 4 days!

We are going to attempt our 2nd batch of caramel corn tonight and this batch is going to have waay more caramel - the last batch was like "lightly buttered". I hope to be delivering them all Thursday night!

Getting up this morning was NOT fun - for anyone in the house aside from Mike!

It is still soo hard to believe that Christmas is in 5 days!! I don't know where December went! Nice that I will be working 2 more days this week and then off for another week!

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