Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Trip Down Old Christmas Photos Lane

Soo today I found this super old pic of M and I during one for our first few years of dating at Christmas time:

Look how young we look!!

I also found this one:

This one was from M's commencement - so this one would have been a year into our relationship! Look how tint M looks! Haha! I look tiny too... too tiny! This would have been taken the year before the first photo, a couple weeks before Christmas!

Another old one!

2007 Christmas card picture:
Look how tiny Jewish looks!! I miss Diamond and Copper!

Ripper and Diamond opening their presents in 2008 - They sure did love opening presents!!

H's First Christmas 2009:

First Christmas Family Photo:

Binx's First Christmas/my Christmas present from M:

Our First Year Hosting Christmas Morning:

Gracie's First Christmas:
(7 Months)

I don't have access to 2010 right now... and I will be sure to get some for 2011!!

I hope you enjoyed a trip down Christmas memory lane!


J and A said...

Love this post. Love looking back! :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice, always good to look back on old photos and good times!


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