Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Minute

Another weekend has come and gone and this one was pretty busy!

Friday: I meant to blog, but ended up going to London last minute. I managed to get my gel nail supplies from the beauty store, and a new brush which I have needed for a while but had never found one that was just right! I got home just in time, managed to try out one of new nail polishes in dark purple, which I almost spilled all over my new counters when the phone rang! Luckily I grabbed it with my hand before it hit the counters and my hand was a purple mess!

 I had a friend and her sister coming over to look at my front gardens to give me ideas! I need to re-home a BIG lilac bush that invades my front garden, move things around, and plant some peonies in the front garden because the sun is burning off my hydrangeas! M came home and we ended up going for dinner at the golf course last minute for dinner! And guess what I found? A new drink that I LOVE!! I typically have a hard time ordering drinks at restaurants for several reasons, one being I don't drink often, two being I don't like beer, strong drinks and I am picky. Well the same thing happened to me, so I just ordered a gingerale to be safe. Then a friend of ours ordered a Somersby Cider, he suggested I would like it knowing how picky I am, so I tried it and sure enough I did love it!! It was delicious! I figured that cider tasted like beer as well, since it can be found on the beer menu! Soo impressed! I am sold on this:

Saturday: I was up early, not as early as M, he had to leave at 6:30 for his last day of fire training! M's Mom and I decided to go shopping for 8:00 at a sale in a near by town. Where I bought this:
I have always wanted one of these since I was a child. It is just like the ones from Cracker Barrel! I got it for a steal of a deal!!
Then I went into work with M's Mom and helped with inventory.
M didn't get home from his course until 7:30 PM so we just had a nice relaxing evening because Sunday was going to be just as busy!
Sunday: M was supposed to be up for 6:00, but that didn't happen. He made it out of the house for 6:30 and off to the fire hall for the Fireman's Breakfast! I was there for 8 to help out and surprised to be the only wife helping out! It was pretty busy. My Dad and sister's little family came out to support as well as M's parents, so we all sat down for breakfast. The school was doing some fundraising as well, so I took M's truck for a truck wash.
I made an appointment in town at Pet Valu for the dogs to have baths! This was amazing! For $15 each, we bathed the dogs and dried the dogs in their facility, which was just amazing!We were able to do them both at the same time because they had 2 BIG tubs! No sore back afterwards, because they were in raised tubs, no 2 loads of towels in the laundry afterwards, no clogged drains, no wet dog smell and the dogs are soo soft, smell great and look great! We are definitely utilising that place again!!
Lily is getting dried

Gracie was loving it!
M and I were soo impressed! We also bought a scrubber for down at the lake! I had no idea they made those, but it took out soo much hair!!
Last night we tried a new chicken! We followed this recipe and it was pretty good! I found it on Pinterest last night:
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend! That drink sounds tasty! I like Strongbow which is also a cider beer.LOVE the rocking chair! So cute. And I am glad you found a better way to bath the pups.

Allison said...

I lovee Cracker Barrel rocking chairs :) They're the best ever! That's awesome that you got it for a steal too!


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