Monday, April 15, 2013

A Sneak Peek At The Kitchen

Soo remember when I said M had a fire course this past weekend? Well it was cancelled because they had no power!! Soo many people were without power over the weekend! 4 days... flooded basements and all! But we are lucky! The neighbours across the street - not so much:

But on the upside... it is +18!!! Gorgeous out!!
Friday night rolled around and believe it or not my partner and I won the prizes!! I also found this new wine:

Saturday M started to tear up the old kitchen counters...
Here is a look of what used to be:
Gracie and Lily did fine with it all until the vacuum came out... 2 beds... 2 dogs.. 1 vacuum
Can you guess who hates the vacuum more? Lily!!

We had to make a trip to Costco to buy a faucet and you can't buy a new faucet without a new sink. Right?
Well I didn't the faucet I wanted, and the sink is a bit overkill:

Everyone needs an industrial size sink right?
So we had to get an industrial size faucet too. We named her!
Introducing Farrah:
She is soo big she needed a name!
I told M as long as he does the dished he can pick what we get. Overall not a bad deal right? And the prices were right!

Don't worry that curtain came down!
M didn't finish until 11 PM Saturday night and was back at it Sunday and I am happy to announce we Phase 1 of the Kitchen Reno is done!! I will get a pic up of it soon!
M took me to the farm store on Sunday as well because he needed new coveralls for work, so I found these for myself!

Some nice new rain boots!! Its soo muddy at the farm I think they will come in handy!
I got a call today from the vet and Lily's blood work came out excellent!! We were all surprised!! Our vet is going to talk it over with an internist and see if we can cut back on some meds!! I almost feel relieved!!


Murdock's mama said...

What a great weekend for you! LOVE the new kitchen!

J and A said...

LOVE the new look!! Great sink. SO glad the blood work all came back ok!! Whoo hoo!!

Mei Diver said...

OMG I want that sink!

Hilary said...

Love the sink! & glad her blood work was good! :-)

Allison said...

Love that you named the faucet! hahaha!!!

Nikki said...

Love the new look! I am thinking about redoing my kitchen and want a faucet similar to that!

Katie said...

i love that sink!! and i've been wanting rain boots so badly!!

Life as a Bird said...

You have an adorable blog! I am in love with you dogs! I want to love on them!
I'm a new follower :)
Make sure to stop by!


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