Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Wednesday

Because Shanna Said So
- I am excited for the weekend!! Hitting up the New York State... Buffalo to be exact for a girl's shopping weekend!! My sister and I are going to hit up some of our favorite shops and eat at restaurants we don't have here and we are going to love it all! I couldn't have planned it better because M will be at fire training all weekend!
- We went through my sister's closet yesterday, it was well over due to say the least! 200+ items given away later. She did great!! It was great to hang out with the kids too, although B wasn't feeling so hot, but it just meant extra snuggles for Aunt Ashie.
- I managed to snag a 4 pairs of jeans that actually fit me from my sister! After losing all the weight so far, I had no jeans that fit! They were all too big! It's a good problem to have I suppose, but I really didn't want to have to by more jeans, as I plan to continue to lose.
- I just love The Voice! I really wasn't sure how I would like Shakira and I knew I would love Usher, but they both just really add to the show!! The talent is insane!!
- Mike had his ball meeting last night and it turns out they can play this year, after last year's debacle. Looking forward to Friday night baseball games again with friends!
- Mother Nature must not have changed her calender yet - it's still snowing... luckily it's not sticking, but nonetheless still snowing!! It is April!
- Heading over to the farm to have lunch with the fam today!
That's all I can think of soo far!!
Have a great Wednesday!!


J and A said...

Sounds like a blast!! We used to drive through Buffalo to go visit my brother! Have fun!!
Nice work on snagging some jeans! 200 things - she must have had a lot of stuff!!
I have never watched the voice!!

Murdock's mama said...

SO JEALOUS of your weekend! I have never been to NY! :(

Leslie H. said...

Have fun shopping! There are so many great things out there for the spring :) anything in particular you are looking for?


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