Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday

I am stuck at work today... an actual Monday... Wednesday`s are usually my Monday`s!

Anywho. our weekend was pretty good! I failed at the picture taking, but I`m over it!

We had a tragedy at our house this weekend! The robin lost all of her eggs! I feel soo bad for her, but I also know she didn`t put it in the best place! I`m pretty sure a raccoon must be lingering around.. pesky things.

Friday night, I won`t lie I was glued to the TV watching CNN! Even here in Canada I felt a sense of relief for Boston! Soo glad they caught him! I am ever hopeful they will get the answers they need!! Then I played Dr. Mario on the Wii over wifi with my sister! Love that game!

Saturday we went an took down the pool we are getting! It went rather smoothly, just took a lot longer than I expected! I will admit it was weird being in my old house, but it was nice to see all the changes they have made!

Saturday night we hung out with friends, and played Dice Poker. Love that game!!

Sunday I slept in until 9:30 AM, we went for brunch with M`s parents, but stopped at home depot on the way and managed to find THE kitchen hardware! Our marital dispute has been resolved! We finally found the ones and bought them for not a bad price at all! We put some of them up and are happy with how they look! When we get it finished I will snap some pics!

I have my fingers crossed for some nice weather this week so I can get the dogs bathed! I hate having wet dogs in the house, it`s just easier to be able to put them outside!

If you haven`t entered the give away to win this camera strap,

be sure to, it is coming to an end on Wednesday.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


J and A said...

We were glued to CNN Friday night too. So glad they got him. Very sad for that robin. :( Glad you had a good weekend!!

Hilary said...

I kept the coverage on at work all day. I totally didn't get anything accomplished because I kept getting distracted! So glad they caught him AND that he's still alive. And in pain.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Poor robin!

Great news that you found the kitchen hardware. I hate how something so small can create such a rift in the marriage.

I hope I win the strap!

Katie said...

so sad for the robin! :( glad you got some kitchen hardware you liked!

Kristin said...

I too was glued watching the boston nightmare, glad thats over!

Kristin said...
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