Monday, April 8, 2013

Marathon Shopping

I survived my first weekend away from my hubby, as well as my first 20 kilometer shopping weekend!! Hard to believe we covered 20 km in walking while shopping, but I definitely feel it!!

Before I left, I made M his favorite cookies, along with a sweet little note, however, I ran out of time leaving and didn't get a picture! I couldn't find my passport, M had in a place I would have never guessed! Then to top it all off, I forgot my socks and had to hand wash mine in the sink with shampoo/conditioner. Yup...

My weekend was great!! We left home around 5:30 and were in Buffalo by 7:30. We hit a few delays with traffic and a wait at the border. We hit a few places Friday night with some coupons! Like Joann's where I bought:

And then Kohl's where I bought the sweater. The shorts and chevron nightgown were from TJ Maxx on Saturday.
It was pretty rough going to sleep by myself!! I won't even lie about it!
I slept like crap, tossed and turned all night. Woke up to my bed looking like this:
Saturday we went to Hobby Lobby, where I bought:

And Target:
I just couldn't leave this in the store!! I think it will bring spring to the bedroom and chevron of course!!
I found these chevron blankets at Burlington Coat Factory:
We stocked up on hats and mitts as well!!
We had lunch at Chili's. It was great! Canada needs one, just sayin'!!
I also got this basket for the counter to put our mail in!!
We ate at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner!! It was great!!
I had an appetizer size ceaser salad and it was huge, I couldn't even finish it and I didn't react at all to the salad dressing!! Amy and I split a piece of chocolate cake to go. We were to full!!
Sunday we hit up the outlet malls
These are all from Old Navy obviously!
I got these skirts from Rue 21
The black and white one is a high/low skirt and the coral and black chevron is a maxi skirt!
I bought M 3 hats, and a few shirts as well, but I don't know where he put the hats.
Oh and I bought socks, but not until Sunday because I only like one brand of socks (Puma) and couldn't find the right ones anywhere. I finally broke down and tried them on and bought a bunch!
I got a lot of great deals and didn't really spend a lot! I only paid full price for the duvet cover, but I LOVED it and it was $40! I am a clearance/sale rack shopper.
The weather was amazing this weekend!! +18!!! Yes please!!
 Last night when I got home M and I watched Heartland... um season finale... ended like that? What?Not impressed!! Jack better be okay!! We enjoyed a soak in the hot tub and then I watched Kim and Courtney Take On Miami finale as well. I am watching the AMA's right now.


reccewife said...

Looks like fun! And Canada definately does have some Chili's, there's at least 2 in Edmonton :)

J and A said...

We have lots of chilis here, they are everywhere! You did well shopping!! lots of chevron! ha ha Glad you had a good time and survived without Mike! ha ha

Leigh said...

Looks like you got some great things! And glad to hear you survived ;)

Murdock's mama said...

Your weekend sounds amazing! I LOVE shopping! :) PS...Puma socks are the ONLY way to go...I agree! :)

Kristin said...

Jealous of all your shopping!!


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