Monday, January 20, 2014

Babymoon Weekend Rewind

Our babymoon was excellent, although it was off to a bumpy start after Thursday's trip to triage. I called my OB's office to report my high blood pressure readings and because my OB was on holidays, the doctor on call wanted me to come in and get triaged just to be safe. So I headed in, was there for 4 hours, hooked up to monitors to check on the baby, my urine sample came back with a trace of protein in it, so they ended up taking blood work too. The nurse was warning me that bedrest was headed my way, and that chances of me going away this weekend was slim! Then the resident doctor came in, told me baby was doing well, they found some contractions on my non-stress-test, but nothing major and are assuming they were just Braxton and hicks, since I didn't feel pain with them. But due to my unstable blood pressure which was high when I went in, it was medically advised to not travel out of the country this weekend. They didn't increase my meds, but just told me to take it easy.

I came home, not feeling overly reassured with what my current medical state was, was upset with the current news about my blood pressure and now protein in my urine. M and I had to decide what we were going to do, and decided to go away anyways, with the intentions of relaxing more than shopping. We figured if I stayed home, I would have sat around and worried/waited for something to happen. So I decided to call ahead to the few baby stores we intended in going to and had them put my items on hold, so we could just go in and buy them, with little walking/shopping needed and that worked out well. The stores were very accomodating. 

Friday we got up, got ready, dropped the dogs off at the farm and headed to Buffalo, New York, which is about an hour and a half away. We had no wait at the border. Stopped at a few stores, grabbing the stuff I had on hold, had lunch at Applebee's, finished up at 2 more stores, shopping minimally, knowing I shouldn't be walking around too much and then we went and checked into the hotel. 

Our room was awesome!! 
It had everything we needed!! We ordered in take out to our room from a pizza place and relaxed the night away with a swim in the pool, which was a little cool, and followed it up with a soak in the jacuzzi tub! 

Friday nights sleep was not overly great, as I only brought one pillow and my maternity wedge, figuring there would be more than enough pillows, which I'm sure would have been enough if I didn't need a wall of pillows on each side of me! 

Saturday we went down and had breakfast and then hit up Destination Maternity looking for a formal dress for this weeks conference. Um dress shopping was miserating!! I felt like I would be better off in a garbage bag than in some of the dresses I tried on!! I had an idea in my head and didn't find it, but I did luck out with 2 dresses for the price being cheaper than one. I was beat after that excursion, luckily they have juice and protein bars, as well as a little lounge, where M and I relaxed for a bit before headed out to do one more store. We headed to Victorias Secret, with hopes of finding some button down pjs for nursing. We didn't find that exactly, but a few night shirts/sleep dresses that would work and of course were on sale! On our way out, we grabbed a piece of chocolate cake to go from The Cheesecake Factory!

After that we headed back to the hotel for lunch, relaxed the afternoon away, followed by a nap! This tub was seriously my favorite thing this whole weekend!!

Getting in and out of it was a trick with my belly in the way, but nothing relaxed me more and my blood pressure came right down after each soak! 

After my nap, we got ready for dinner, and knew we had 3 quick stops to make because I forgot a few things and we couldn't find coffee for Mikes Dad at the Walmart we went to on Friday. But we were able to quickly find those things and then had a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, TGI Fridays! We both had a nice steak dinner! 

Back to the hotel we went where we watched The Blind Side, shared some chocolate cake and headed to bed. M had got me more pillows from housekeeping and I slept soo much better, but I did miss our bed!! 

Sunday morning, we packed up, repacked the car because it was FULL, had breakfast and headed home! Once again we lucked out with no wait at the border and no crazy traffic on the way home! It was smooth sailing and prefect timing because the roads around home were getting bad and the snow was coming down!  

Everything has now been purchased for the baby, now we just have to get it all ready, washed and organized, which will probably start next weekend, as we are not around much this week. The nursery is a big mess right now, waiting for me to go up and start sorting through it all, finding homes for everything and getting everything ready to be washed! 

Mike did build the stroller yesterday, while I put together the bouncer. M was worried when he saw the size of the box, which was small, knowing the stroller is not small, but he had it built in 20 minutes! It was super easy! 

Overall we had a fantastic weekend, just us, before the baby comes, which of course we look forward to. I'm glad we went, despite the doctors recommendation, nothing horrible happened, I was truly able to relax this weekend and I know I wouldn't have been able to if I was at home this weekend! I of course took extra measure calling ahead to the 2 baby stores where most of our shopping was done. I also knew we were just 10 minutes over the border, should I need to get to a hospital in Canada. 

I am soo very lucky to have such a supportive and encouraging husband, who did everything he could to help me relax this weekend, knowing my health, as well as the baby were constantly on my mind! We are both really looking forward to tomorrow's appointment with our OB, as well as seeing Baby V. Hopefully some of the worry will be put aside. 

Check back tomorrow to see all our purchases!!

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Katie said...

so glad you were still able to go away and rest! it is so exciting to start setting things up like the stroller! makes it seem so much more real!

Lindsay said...

SO glad you were able to get away for a babymoon!! Hate to hear about your health troubles though! You must feel so relieved now that you were able to pick up those baby items though! Love the stroller! I love that shade of blue for being neutral!

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome I want one!! :) So glad you're still doing okay. Take it easy mama!!

reccewife said...

I did not know that a babymoon was a thing, but it sounds lovely! Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Leigh said...

So glad to hear that everything turned out with you and baby! Looks like you accomplished a lot this weekend and were still able to relax :)

Aubrey said...

So glad you had a great babymoon! That hotel looks amazing!

J and A said...

Glad you still got away and relaxed. Looks like you guys are set!! Hope today goes well!! Love the stroller.

Kae said...

well boo for the issues... and I hope they get better, but I am glad you were able to have a babymoon!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

SO happy you were able to get away for one last relaxing weekend just the two of you!

You are so organized and determined to make things work- I love that! This little baby sure keeps you on your toes! Enjoy your ultrasound and hope you get some good news from your OB.

I'm pretty sure I saw someone in my neighborhood with that stroller yesterday!! Love it!! They sure managed to pack things small- must be taking lessons from Ikea!


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