Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Midweek Rewind

I would start off by complaining about the weather, but I think everyone is at this point in the game. I will say that I experienced the coldest I have been in, or at least recall experiencing.

They say temps haven't been this low since 1977, well that is before my time! A lot of the roads are closed as we have 10 foot snow drifts on a lot of roads about 20 minutes away! Mother Nature must be drunk! She should be sobering up by the end of the week! 

Today our new fridge and stove are being delivered!! 

Last night we had someone come over to look at tiling our bathroom and we are going forward with it, so we are heading out tonight to try to pick out tile, flooring and a bath tub and hopefully M can start that on Sunday while I am at my baby shower. 

Monday was low key, I refuse to leave the house in this weather. Just worked on crocheting the baby blanket - I'm 3/4's done. But I'm anxious to start a few other projects, as this one I can do while watching TV. 

Sunday started off with a waffle breakfast in our new wafflemaker we got for Christmas! It can make 2 at once!! 


Then M got started on some DIY projects. This one has been on my honey do list for a few years now. 

A console table/drink rail for behind the couch. Now we will have a safe place to put our drinks! More pics to come on the finished product as he stained it and everything!! 

Sunday we were dumped on with snow!! The dogs were loving it!! Little miss Lily thought I was calling her in, when really I just wanted to take her picture, so here you have her "but Mom I don't want to come in yet look"

Saturday we had a few guys come over and move our fridge downstairs. What a pain it has been operating with a fridge downstairs and the kitchen upstairs. Luckily that comes to an end today! I think both M and I have gotten a good stair work out as you seem to forget something you need when preparing a meal!

Then in the afternoon we ran into Home Depot to grab some supplies for various projects, including a railing for the stairs going up to the nursery, although it ended up too short. They only had 10 foot ones in the store, so we assumed it would work, but we need a 12 foot, which hopefully we will find tonight at Lowes. 

We changed the bedroom around as well on Saturday. It is back the way it used to be and of course the first night it's changed guess who had to get up 3 times for the first time in the middle of the night?? Oh ya that was me! But I didn't trip on the dogs, so we have progress in that department!! The bassinet is also in our room now, we figured we should introduce it now and let everyone get used to it and so far no one seems to care! But we also don't have bedding in it yet, so there is nothing drawing the cats to it yet! 

Friday I hit up a local fabric store to try to find material for quilting and came up empty handed. To the point I have decided to just make a duvet cover for the various crib comforter M and I had a children. Them we can at least use them! But I still didn't find fabric!! I have an idea in my mind, just haven't found it! I did find these fabrics though:

Not sure what I am going to make with it yet, but it was too cute to leave in the store!! I need to get cracking on the sewing projects!! 

That was one heck of a rewind, hard to believe it's Wednesday already! 

Happy Wednesday friends!! 


J and A said...

That sofa bench thing will be great! I have seen that on pinterest and it looks handy!! Ah snowy pups! LOVE it! :) I hope the weather gets better for you soon!!

Hilary said...

That's so funny that your animals like the snow. When it's cold, I let Georgia Belle out and she literally pees on the concrete patio because she's too high maintenance to walk to the grass.

Kae said...

Awww the snowflake dogs.... L.O.V.E.

Allyssa said...

Wow! That is definitely some intense weather. I think we got lucky here in California!


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