Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Friday started off early with getting up early for my doctors appointment. I swear my belly grew over night! 

Drive in to my doctors office was a bit long, but my appointment went well. 

After my appointment I decided to hit up the mall quickly to try to find something to wear to my baby shower that was this weekend. I tried H&M, with no luck! So I popped over to Thyme Maternity and they had an amazing sale on! 

I bought all of this for less than $50 and it should have cost me over $100

2 pairs of skinny jeans - $10 each 
3 shirts - $2.50 each
1 nursing pj set - $20

Oh how I love finding a good deal!! 

Later that afternoon our fridge was delivered. This was pretty exciting!! It is big, and soo spacious!! I have to give M credit for this one, as he picked it out!! 

Saturday we had our prenatal class all day long! It was actually an informative class, I am glad we took it. There were quite a few couples that M and I had gone to school with and we are all due within a few days up to month of each other! My only complaint would be that the chairs were horrible. It was a super long day though, so we went straight home and I crawled into bed (didn't sleep) and just layed there for 2 hours! We vegged for the rest of the night, as we were all tired!! M did manage to walk the dogs before it rained. Yes rain, because we have positive temps again until Wednesday!! 

Sunday was my baby shower and it was honestly an amazing experience. I'm not going to divulge too much, as I plan to do a post on it! But I am very thankful for my sister and mom for hosting, and for everyone who made it!! While I was gone, M did some touch ups in the nursery, hung the railing for the stairs going up to it, I was surprised to see that he put away laundry and bathed the cat. Lux has really dry skin right now! 

Today I am organizing baby stuff and hopefully getting my craft on with either some sewing or the mobile! I will find motivation to get stuff done this week!! It's my goal! I'm excited to do it, just nervous to start new projects!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


Kristin said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Major score on the maternity clothes & that new fridge is awesome!

J and A said...

Nice work on the mat clothes!! Love a great deal. So glad you had a wonderful baby shower!! Nice fridge! Fridge twins!!

Hilary said...

My parents have that fridge and that darn water dispenser gets me EVERY TIME! I can't tell you how many times I've had to clean the floor because I've spilled water all over it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Nice deal on all the maternity clothes! I haven't been into a maternity store in awhile. Probably no point now... although I would like a nursing PJ set possibly.

Fridge looks great!

Your belly does look bigger!! Baby had a growth spurt.

Funny- it rained on the weekend here too. Crazy weather!


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