Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things on Thursday

So my Wednesday didn't quite go as planned yesterday. 

My new stove was delivered:

She is very pretty! Haven't tried it out yet, but maybe today for lunch! 

But the fridge on the other hand has not made it home yet. You can bet I was less than impressed. They only deliver to our area once a week, but after becoming that crazy pregnant lady, I've got it coming on Friday apparently and I have got my delivery fee being returned to me. I would have been more understanding if they had given me a better reason than the guys refused to load it on the tuck in the morning. Great... Thank you. Didn't help that the guy I was dealing with was a jerk to me, which made my polite self turn into the crazy prego! It better be here on Friday!! 

Last night we decided to goto Lowes which is about 30 minutes away. We had never been, but wanted to see their selection of tile and flooring, as well as bath tubs. Their tub selection was no good. But we did luck out with buying tile and finding flooring we liked. We would have bought the flooring, but they were out of stock! 

Here is what we found:

Excuse the crappy store lighting. I'm in love with the tile. It is a little more beige than the grey I was going for, but I was open to either grey or beige. But I do love it, especially with the driftwood flooring. The vanity will most likely be white. Now we just need to pick out some paint colors, which maybe tonight we will trek into town to Home Depot since we have to return the railing that doesn't fit. 

We have our prenatal class on Saturday. We opted for the one day course instead of a few evening courses. Hopefully when it is finished I will have enough energy to go back to Rona and buy a bath tub there, since we liked theirs best! I will be happy to not have to visit a hardware store for a long time after this, as well as have my bathroom looking all pretty and proper! 

Today marks 2 months until our due date!! Less than 60 days to go!! 

Today I am working hard on getting stuff done around the house, maybe a few sewing projects, along with some organizing. I did start off with tackling a project I have always been meaning to do of or a few years: 

This didn't quite go the way I planned and I have yet to get some embellishments! I will post a tutorial once it is done. Consider this a sneak peak! 
Aside from the fridge coming tomorrow, which I will have to have M's Mom come over and wait for it because I have my OB appointment in the morning. I think I will stop at Motherhood Maternity or maybe the mall and see if I can find something to wear to my shower. I have no clue what to wear, I don't want to wear jeans, but was considering leggings and maybe a tunic, but even my tunics are getting shorter and shorter now a days. So we will have to see what I can find, but it will be a quick trip! 

Happy Thursday Friends!! 


Leigh said...

That stinks that your fridge wasn't delivered when it was supposed to. Do you not have a fridge right now?

Allyssa said...

I just got a new stove, too! I haven't stopped cookin on it since! haha!

Kae said...

aw your stove is amazing. and that fridge better be there for you! i don't blame you for being upset


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