Friday, January 3, 2014

Holidays 2013 Recap

Can you believe we are in 2014 already? Christmas went by just as fast as I thought it would, but it was great!!

On the 22nd we celebrated Christmas with my family. We had a nice dinner, spent time together, opened gifts - it was great having the whole day to spend together. 

My sister got me a new personalized camera bag and my Mom gave me nursing pj's that came with the cutest sleeper for the baby to match! M got some stuff for his Xbox. 

Christmas Eve was perfect, nice and quiet, we had dinner and then headed to the 7:00 mass with M's parents. The church wasn't too busy, they included all the kids throughout the service and brought in Santa at the end, although explaining the true meaning behind Christmas. The priest actually used the Charlie Brown Christmas story as his sermon. They also provided a candlelit portion at the end. After mass, M and I headed home, took our annual Christmas Eve photo, relaxed for a bit and headed to bed. 

Christmas morning the dogs woke us at 6!! They were just beside themselves as we had taken all the gifts over to the farm the day before and I think they seriously thought we cancelled Christmas. They both had angry faces and pouts on Christmas Eve. After letting them outside and back in, M and I managed to back to sleep and when we woke at 8 we found them sitting and staring at the bed with their ears perked. How do they seriously know?? Lol. So we got dressed, packed up the truck and drove to the farm. We saw coyotes up by the house when we arrived, so the dogs didn't quite get the freedom they expected on Christmas or from here on in for the time being. 

We opened our stockings first and one or two presents and then took a break for waffles for breakfast. Yum! We surprised M with his xbox one - I had been telling him I couldn't get it, so therefore had to buy more presents for him to keep up my lie! I made this shirt for him:

When I say I made it, vista print "made" it, but the cartoon you see, was drawn by me - not exactly something I'm great at. But the humor behind the shirt was priceless and it does say mission accomplished. M loves it, just as I expected he would! 

"The baby" was busy shopping this season too, s/he got me a picture locket. M got me the flash for my camera, and a pandora bracelet with 3 charms. I did end up getting the curling iron I wanted from M's parents and it is amazing! Curls my hair in 10 minutes! 

Baby V was spoiled this Christmas as well, as you can see from this weeks bump date (posted on Monday). 

I think one of my favorite gifts was the ornament my Dad made this year:

Such an amazing keep sake and soo very true! Feeling Baby V kicking up a storm throughout the holidays really was the best gift ever!! We took our annual family photo:

We had dinner at the farm, which my Dad came out to as well, we all sat around and socialized and headed home around 8. I was beat! 

Boxing Day M and I did a little shopping, if you can call it little! We bought a brand new fridge and stove which will be delivered next week, a rug for the nursery and the rocker/recliner for the nursery. Luckily we only have a few more big baby items to buy, like the stroller, the baby monitor and pack and play and we are set. 

On the Friday, we had a Christmas celebration in the evening with my Dad's side of the family, but we had my x-ray and doctors appointment to attend first. It was great seeing almost everyone, except my sister ended up missing out because she had to take Brandon to the hospital, where they actually admitted him and tested him for meningitis. They ended up staying in the hospital for the weekend and luckily the test came back negative, but he does have a virus, pneumonia and a double ear infection. Poor little guy. 

Saturday we had my Mom's side of the family's Christmas get together! It was also great to catch up with all my cousins. 

We also found out that M's Aunt Barbara passed away at home the day before. She was actually M's godmother. We were sad to hear the news, but relieved that she is in a better place now. She hasn't been well for a few years now. 

Sunday we made a quick trip to Cambridge to resize my bracelet, grabbed some shelves for the nursery, headed home and then over to N & K's for little holiday gathering with other couples from the village. It was great catching up with everyone, since we hadn't gotten together in what seemed to be forever. 

Monday the doctors office called and gave me clearance to take off my air cast and introduce walking slowly without it. So far I can say I have my good days and bad days, but I'm making progress!! I still have a tip fracture, but they don't seem too concerned about it. 

I also took my car in to get new tires since M threatened I couldn't drive my car with the baby in it with those tires, so he made the appointment. It was my first official outting by myself since fracturing my ankle! Felt great to get some independence back! 

Finally New Years Eve, we decided pretty last minute to have dinner with M & J. We had a great steak dinner, I can honestly say everything we ate was delicious. I couldn't believe we took almost 2 hours to eat, but with that being said I enjoyed every part of it! We rang in the new year and headed home shortly after, which is just what I prefer to do! 

During the day we de-Christmas'd the house and took down our BIG entertainment unit and brought in a storage cube holder for the TV to sit on and boy do I love the new arrangement!! The great room looks soo spacious now, just in time for baby stuff to start taking over in a few months. K and S stopped in for a quick impromptu visit, which was great because we hadn't found a chance to get together in a while. 

We got a call in the evening that my Dad had been in an accident and ended up writing off his truck. My sister went to the scene and then followed him to the hospital. He ended up being okay thank God, just sore, as all his air bags deployed. The weather was horrible and at blame. He had his dog with him too, who is also okay, as was the other family from the other car. Can everyone I know please live in a bubble? I just hate hearing bad news and feeling soo helpless.

Well if you survived to the end of this long post, good job! I think we will start next week off with a review!! Stay tuned!!

Happy Weekend friends!!


Kristin said...

Looks like a great holiday season!

Aubrey said...

So glad your dad is OK!

Susannah said...

Sounds like your holiday seasons were so wonderful!!!! Your baby bump is adorable! I'm so glad your dad was ok after the accident! :-)


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