Friday, August 1, 2014

Facts on Friday

- I could never understand why some houses had formal living rooms in addition to family rooms and rec rooms.... Now after having a baby and all the paraphernalia, I do! I'd love to always have one clean room to welcome guests into, or sit and pretend the rest of my house was that clean!

- but at the same time, I wouldn't change a thing. I waited many years to have a baby and all the stuff, but it makes me want to rethink how we use our spaces! 

- what I will say is that there is just something about washed floors that I love! I don't love washing them, but I love the fact that they are clean now!! 

- another bib has bit the dust thanks to Lily, as well as more Kleenex! I am pretty sure Gracie is innocent! 

- my baby is definitely growing: 

- I love saving money, especially while grocery shopping or clothing shopping! But right now we need to work on cleaning out the cupboards and freezer. My closet also needs to be cleaned out, but I need to be in the right frame of mind when I do it! You know the "why am I keeping this" frame of mind! 

- I'm ended having too make yet another trip to London to take in my lulu's to get hemmed because miss baby brain forgot to bring them last Friday. So I went yesterday, fell in love with a sweatshirt that I MUST buy... Good job lulu... They hemmed my pants on the spot for an added bonus! 

- I also hit up an undies sale at Aerie!! Here I go talking about gitch again... But man they have the softest undies ever and soo cute!! I bought myself undies for the first time since being prego with Noah! Mommy win!

- we hit up costco as well - it was a zoo! I figured today would be worse, but I forgot this weekend is a long weekend which explains the crazy town in the store! 

- I watched the Bachelorette finale and I am happy that Andy chose Josh! His proposal was over the top, but perfect! 

- Noah had his first quad ride with Grandpa last night! Grandpa was sure to make him warm with putting his own work socks on Noah - they were up to his ribs!! Lol. I'm not sure who was happier: 

Have a safe and fun long weekend friends!!


J and A said...

Look at him grow!! I will have to check the Aerie undies!! /0;) I'm with ya on clean floors but they only last 2 minutes!! :( have a great weekend!!

Aubrey said...

ha ha! love your first fact about formal living rooms!


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