Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursdays Things

Wow, can't believe it is Thursday already!!

Here we are celebrating yet another birthday today for my sister!! Happy birthday Amy! Hope you are having a fun family mini-vacay shopping!! Enjoy the Cheesecake Factory!!

Yesterday was my friend S's, as well as my Grandma's. I will say it was weird not having a family get together in her honor to celebrate! 

After not napping on M's birthday I used yesterday as a nap catch up day and MADE him nap, much to my success, 4 naps almost an hour long!! I am tired from trying to make him sleep, if that makes any sense. He did end up staying up a bit later as M and I decided to take a really long walk for over an hour since it was a cool evening. 

Noah has mastered Mommy's puppy dog eyes, but I will say his bottom lip pout could be a bit better haha. 

These two are going to find soo much trouble together! 

This guy is a little out of sorts this week because of his shots, but overall not nearly as bad as past weeks after shots!

Noah is on outfit number 3 today which is a sleeper because it is bloody cold out!! I'm wearing my monkey socks, jeans and a sweatshirt on the 14th of August... 

We were up early for Noah's pediatrician appointment, which went well, we go back in 3 months! 

M is in a ball tournament this weekend, but hopefully we can find some time to get things done around the outside of the house, as well as a few things inside. 

Yesterday I made sweet potato for the first time ever, Noah loved it and the freezer is getting a pretty good stash going! 

That's all I got for today!! 


Stacy said...

haha - LOVE the puppy eyes

J and A said...

Happy birthday Amy! Those puppy eyes kill me. You are in trouble!!!

Hilary said...

Beckett is boycotting naps lately, too. Either that, or he'll nap well and then wake up at 5am. Grrrr.


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