Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Well hello Wednesday! This week is actually going by at a normal pace for once, not zooming on by! Maybe because it is the last week of summer for some people, with school starting back up!

Here are my random facts from this week so far: 

- we are dog sitting again, but this time with my aunts golden retriever. When she isn't being all cute sleeping beside Noah's crib, she is itching to play or you know... Swimming in my pool... Crazy dog! 

- I turned my air conditioning on for the first time since June yesterday, but it's off now again. 

- we also had our first heat alert this year, just yesterday! What the heck Mother Nature! It wasn't even as hot as it usually gets! 

- my cousin had her baby early this morning!! I was completely wrong about everything! I guessed boy, a BiG baby and late. She had a girl, 2 days early and only 6 lbs 12oz!! Briar Rosie Ann! This is the first time I've been wrong in a while as far as the sex goes! Soo excited for them though!! 

- yesterday Noah was able to meet my friend N for the first time! He was such a ham with her! I love watching him interact with new people and so far he isn't shy with new people! 

- we have a play date today at 10:30 with a neighbour that we just met this month. It's nice to meet other stay at home moms in the village. It's a bonus that one of her two little boys is just 5/6 months older than Noah! 

- I can't believe I'm turning the big 3-0 THIS week!! You bet there will be a reflection on this past year! 

- my maternity photo book is officially ordered now. Glad to have that one crossed off my to-do list! Now I need to make his 0-3 months book and his 3-6 months. You all know I will have enough pictures to fill them!! 

- I also plan to finish my thank you cards! Ugh soo embarrassed to say they aren't all done! Luckily I don't have many left to complete! 

- looking at the calender for September and you bet it is going to fly on by!! We have two weddings back to back weekends, Jay's game, ball tournament, and wing night at the lake just to name a few things! 

- can we just hold time still for a little bit - maybe while I am doing this:


Murdock's mama said...

Happy {early} Birthday!
I have TONS of photo books to catch up on myself! :( I always LOVE when they're done, but MAN they're a LOT of work. So worth it though! :)

Katie said...

happy almost birthday!! i was caught up till 9 months for addi's baby book - i need to do the next three! so many picutres!!! :)


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