Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Truth Be Told On Tuesday

Here are some true facts that are going on around me lately:

1) making homemade peaches does suck!! I'm not even sure Noah will like them, as I couldn't get the texture very smooth, it was almost frothy! I did have luck with making peas though!! 

2) I am almost done my photo book! I'm up to 30 weeks!! Only 5 more to go!! Good thing I didn't make it to 40 weeks or this book would not be done on time! 

3) Noah napped for 2 whole hours yesterday - in a row!!! Mondays seem to be his catch up day! 

4) Today I was really going to post Noah's 6 months post, but in all honesty I haven't finished his pictures!! 

5) not to make this whole post about Niah, but little man MUST be working on some teeth! His gums are rock hard and everything is going in his mouth - more so than usual. He also loves having his gums rubbed! 

6) we have given up on training the dogs to goto the bathroom in one spot of the yard after we experienced our first accident in the house in ages! I really don't want to have to set up the dog run, so we have decided to just leave it for now and work on cleaning the yard a couple times a week instead of weekly! 

7) when I am done making the photo book, my next project is going to be getting out the rest of my thank you cards! I've been pretty good at writing down who I've sent them out to, but hopefully I don't forget anyone! 

8) I can't lie on truth be told Tuesday - but I already started looking up the fall TV guide! 

9) On my agenda for today: shower, vacuum, head to the farm for lunch and get our corn done, work on the photo book where ever I can inbetween all that and have my cousin over for dinner before she moves out west! 

10) Big truth: I love that the mama-roo!! I love how Noah will sleep in it, like right now, so I can go have a shower!! Yesterday while he was sleeping in it I made peas in my bathroom. Normally I will make noise around him and he sleeps through, but I wanted to ensure that I would be able to finish the task before he woke up, which I did! Those baby bullets aren't quiet! 


Hilary said...

Tell me about making peaches! I was going to do that tonight. I was going to peel them, bake them, and puree them. Any tips?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I made pears yesterday. Leo turned his nose up at them!?!! Weird kid! I mixed them with squash today and he ate it.
I really need to work on some photobooks. What site do you use? Can you work on projects and save them?
Haha I've used the blender in the laundry room before so as to not wake babies! I'm impressed Noah still loved the mamaroo!! The swing has been put away here weeks ago.

J and A said...

I've had a photo book on my list of to dos all summer for D's first year. Have not started. Crap. Can't wait to "see" yours!


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