Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Rewind

What a gorgeous weekend we had and I cannot help but to say it is about time!!! If only it was supposed to last!!

This weekend zoomed on by! Friday night the ball team took another win! They are on a streak now!!

This little man lasted longer than I thought! But with that being said he did have a nice 2 hour nap in the afternoon!!

Saturday M was busy doing a backhoe job around the corner, so Noah and I hung out all day long! While he was napping I finally finished his rag quilt:

More on this to come with a tutorial!

M came home for lunch, with extended an invitation from the people he was working for to come hang out poolside and meet his wife and kids. So Noah and I got into our swimsuits and walked back down with M! It was great meeting another SAHM in the village and her 2 little boys! Noah and I did enjoy a swim, as the weather was nice and hot!! I even put on my brave face and dunked Noah in the pool!! He did well!! He cried afterwards, but I think it was out of shock that I actually did it! He didn't gasp for air or anything! He calmed down shortly after, but did flash his stink eye at me:

Noah went down for a nap in his stroller while I continued visiting. I decided I better get this snoozing baby home soon and get supper going, as M figured he would be finished shortly, however he ended up being longer than he thought!

We decided on burgers since they would be quick, but just as they finished M got a fire call, so there I found myself trying to get the burgers off the BBQ with a screaming baby, who was upset Daddy left! Little things like that seem like such a big deal to Noah when he is tired! This only two naps a day makes for a long evening!! I finally got Noah calmed down, ate dinner and just as I was considering bathing him myself, M got home! As the 2nd department on call they were able to deem it controlled (it was just some smoke from an electrical panel) and the primary department could handle it! 

Sunday started with a sleep in, heck even Noah slept in until 6:45 and then 9:45!! I was up before him! M and I didn't waste much time, laundry was going, after I fed Noah, M took Noah out with him to do some running around, brought back Keg (the dog we are watching this week) to play with the dogs for the day. I shaved both dogs down! Hard to believe they still have hair: 

Since it was grooming day, we ended up bathing Keg too! He is just such a big dog (Great Dane crossed with a Saint Bernard). M loves having him here!! He is a tall persons dog, that is for sure, as he is taller than my waist: 

Excuse my lazy Sunday attire haha

I had such a long to-do list for the day for us both to complete and although we didn't get around to everything, we did get a good chunk done including M fixing the one gate on the deck that I cursed at every time! I started making my maternity photo book, got some laundry folded and put away, we enjoyed a swim with friends - yes I actually went in our pool for the first time this year!! It was 75! Brrr! But I vacuumed while I was in there! We enjoyed a nice steak dinner and then an evening walk: 

Gracie and Lily look soo small beside Keg!! 

We settled into our evening bedtime routine for Noah and then enjoyed some downtime! 

Today Noah has his 6 month shots! Wish us luck!!


Murdock's mama said...

Yay for awesome weekends! Keg is adorable! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was unsure of dunking Avery in swim lessons too. But it has worked out great now, she does not mind water on her face at all, in her little pool she likes to lay down - silly girl!
We were twins yesterday, I wore almost the same thing.

Sarah Tucker said...

that rag quilt is the best thing i have ever seen!

Aubrey said...

Love love love the quilt! You're so crafty.... You need to start an etsy shop, girl!!

Katie said...

that quilt is so cute! i'm impressed! and way to go dunking him - chris has done it a few times but I'm too scared!

J and A said...

Nice work on the quilt! He will love it. I always dress like that! ha ha And look at all that hair! :) I bet they feel amazing now!


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