Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Can someone please tell me where the heck August went? My goodness I can't believe we are in the last week of August, better yet, I can't believe I will be turning the BIG 3-0 this week! What the heck?? Guess I will need to update my bucket list and see what all is left to do and what out that list I can accomplish before Friday!

Our weekend was pretty good. Noah is definitely working on some teeth, so he has been hit or miss. 

Friday night was ball, they lost a 4 point game, but Noah enjoyed it nonetheless! 

Saturday morning M was up early to do a backhoe job, so Noah and I got our outfits ready for family pics in the afternoon and then went location scouting! My first choice was a no-go because the bugs were bad. So we ended up at the farm!

It was gloomy all morning, but that would have meant good pictures. Of course when we met our friends at the farm and got situated the sun came out! Better yet, Noah hates the sun, so we had very few turn out! We did a photo swap, so S took my photos with my camera and I took hers with her camera! Aside from being very frustrated with the lack of photos turning out, we had fun! And we did end up with our "money shot". In the end everyone got at least one picture that turned out just the way we wanted! Photographing 6 month olds is no easy task, at least for a child who hates the sun haha. 

Here are the pics: 

Afterwards we came home, Noah was in much need of a nap and then we went to grab some groceries in town. Unfortunately during our photoshoot Noah got a mosquito bite on his face! Poor guy! Looks like he reacts to bug bites like his mama. 

Bedtime Saturday was a bit of a disaster. Poor Noah's mouth was sore and he was trying soo hard to sleep, but would cry with pain. We gave him some medicine to take the edge off and he was finally able to sleep. I hate feeling so helpless!! 

Luckily he woke up Sunday morning in better spirits! Overall we had a great day! We finished his 6 month photos (better late than never right?) so his 6 month post will be up tomorrow! I made him applesauce and we spent some time outside doing yard work. M pulled weeds while I cut the lawn. Made some plans for putting mulch down around the play equipment and the gate going into the yard where the grass won't grow! Noah had a few naps, we managed to get some laundry put away and had a nice family walk before having dinner! It was a great day!! 

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend too!! 


P!nky said...

What wonderful pictures, Noah has a super cute smile.

Ms DanL said...

Such cute pictures! Love the blue!

Kristin said...

Those pictures turned out good though!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love how the pictures turned out! It's frustrating when they won't cooperate that's for sure! I'm sort Of dreading our photos in oct for this reason! Two kids will be tough! Love your dress and Noah's outfit! M looks pretty spiffy too!

Poor Noah- bug bite and teething! Such a rough time.

Leigh said...

Love how your family pictures turned out!

J and A said...

Love those photos!! You look amazing!! Outfits are spot on!!


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