Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Noah's Baptism

Noah was finally baptized on October 26, 2014. The day was pretty perfect if I do say so myself! 

Noah's Baptism Invitation:

Noah's outfit:

The blanket and booties were from my baptism and the outfit was Brandon's. We originally wanted Noah to wear M's outfit, but because Noah was 8 months old when we baptized him, I didn't think he could get away with a gown! 

Me on the same blanket:

Noah was baptized as an Anglican. We couldn't decided whether to baptize him Catholic like myself or Anglican like M, but decided to do Anglican because we were married Anglican. 

With us living at the farm right now, we all got ready and headed to the church. The service was beautiful and they followed through with the few requests we made. We had the priest wear Mike's Grandpa's stole that he wore to marry us. We picked 3 songs to be sang, 2 of which were in memory of our grandparents and the other one was a song that was special to me that I used to sing to my grandparents. 

Noah sang during the songs, didn't fuss once and he fell asleep 20 minutes before taking him up to get baptized! When the priest took him to introduce him to the church, he waved as they walked up and down the isle! Too cute! 

The children at the church were involved in blessing the water and the gifts they gave us, Hannah lit his candle. He got a board Bible, teddy bear, blanket and his certificates. 

I will let the pictures do some talking:

Waving again:

And family pictures (unfortunately my Dad was unable to make it):

Noah's Godparents:

We had everyone back to the farm after the baptism and served lasagna, cesar salad and fresh buns and cake.

The cake:

Cake table decor:

a closer look at his banner:

Soo happy with how it turned out!!

This is the outfit we changed him into once we got home! I had a friend make this customized shirt for him!!

It does say his name on it.

And a few in his special suit:

It was a perfect day!!! We were all very happy to celebrate it with family and friends!!


Stacy said...

I find Noah looks a lot like you as a baby! Great pics and looked like a great day!

Murdock's mama said... looks perfect! So special for all of you! :)

J and A said...

Awe looked great! SO glad you guys had such a special day with that perfect little man!!

Leigh said...

Looks like the day turned out really well :) And Noah can sing? ;)

Aubrey said...

Love that Noah was waving to the congregation :) and I love your dress!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Lovely day!! Noah looks adorable in his suit! Love your dress!

I want to eat that cake! Nice job on the decorations too.


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