Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

So instead of Manic Monday, I am doing Easter Monday to recap Easter weekend!

So I got a bonus day at work last week and worked on Thursday, because Friday was a holiday! Thursday night Mike and I went out for dinner with M after Mike brushed a few lawns in the village, including ours! I was super impressed, the company that M does this for came down and they even raked out my garden!!! SUPER IMPRESSED!! 

Friday morning Mike was up early to brush some more lawns while the weather was co-operating! In the afternoon we headed down to the lake. When we got about half way there it started to rain and M's dad phoned us and told us we didn't need to come down! However, since we were halfway there, we decided to keep on heading down and we would eat out for dinner at the Turkey Point Hotel! Dinner was pretty good, we let the girls take a wet run on the beach, since it was raining... but overall a nice day!

I also managed to get caught up on Parenthood, although the season is over, I am pretty much addicted and cannot wait until fall for it to start back up!

Saturday morning I got up early and headed into town for a much needed manicure! Now my nails are pretty in pink, well the tips are pink with gold little sparkles! I headed home to find M cleaning the kitchen, so of course I let him finish and then we headed into town to do some groceries and pick some paint colors for our new mudroom to be! We also grabbed some hardware for our dressers. They look fantastic, now we just have to stain the dressers.

These are the colors we are considering: HERE. However, only one of the purples. Our trim, cupboards, wardrobe, washer and dryer are white, we have not picked our floor yet... we are stuck on this one! What do you think? The colors seen are not exact, but the closest I can find online that look similar! The green I want is a bit lighter.

We also went out for lunch with A and E and H! Here is a little picture of what went down:

Hannah had her first lemon and she LOVED it! She also got to try Iced Tea (sweet tea for all you American readers)
We popped by the grocery store and headed home. K and S stopped by so K could help M make a shopping list for the things we need for the new mudroom! I had my first drink out on the patio with S. The weather was gorgeous!! We had a nice quiet evening. M made the best steak EVER for dinner - they were absolutely fantastic! Later on, M and I headed over to N and K's for the first bonfire of the year! M and N got a medical call halfway through the night, but were not gone for too long!

Sunday morning we went to K and S's to brush their lawn and then went home to get ready for Easter. We made a Cesar salad and mini wraps with BBQ Ranch chicken, Asiago chicken and salsa wraps. We decided that we would swing by the hospital to visit my Grandma. All I will say on that topic is I do not look forward to turning 90. Her body is just failing her and shutting down, but she was in pretty good spirits considering. She was a bit confused though, she asked me if I was on my second marriage... Ha! I told her no, that I was still married to Mike, which is funny because she didn't even recognize M and she LOVES him and always tells me that he is her boyfriend! She is always telling me that I have a good man! She did remember my wedding though, although her recollection is a bit funny because she thinks we got married in a field, when it was M's parents backyard at the farm, but I can see how she would think of that as a field I suppose! She also told me I was getting skinnier! Bonus!

She said one thing that I want to be able to remember forever, especially when she is no longer here. I brought her pink tulips in a pot and she said: "One day I will be a tulip you know" so we asked her what color and she said she would be a pink tulip. I told her that was my favorite color and she smiled sincerely! Pink tulips will be dear to my heart.

When we got home around 9:45ish, K and J invited us over for a bonfire and puppy play date, which was a nice way to end the evening! I think this summer will be a big bonfire season, however there will be no complaints from me... maybe my doctor though, but you only live once! It's not easy being healthy I tell ya, especially when you have bad lungs, among other things.

I went to type this post earlier, but ended up going into town with J and then out for lunch with J and K!

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!

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Jessica and Stephan said...

Love your new background! Glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend :)


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