Sunday, April 3, 2011

Manic Monday

" It's just another MANIC MONDAY "

Love that song by the way!!

LINK UP is open at the bottom!! Tell me all about your weekend and plans for the week!! (Go ahead, copy the picture)

So, Friday night was pretty low key. What did we eat for dinner? Um... taco dip and tortilla chips... that is it! Oh and it was soooo good!!! It was half healthy, it had tomatoes and lettuce in it!

Saturday morning, we were up early and headed to my sisters to help lift up her old laminate flooring, which was becoming my new flooring!! Luckily her flooring was only a few years old and in great shape, she just did not want that color anymore. So my master bedroom will be saying "See ya later carpet, hello laminate!!" More to come on that topic later!! We finished up there just before noon and then popped by K and S's. M was going to help K move a piano, so S and I went back to Lens Mills and a quick lunch at Williams and went our separate ways afterwards.

I have started to market my handmade items, including dog bed covers and a multifunctional cloth (burp cloth/change pad)!! I will hopefully make a burp cloth on Monday too! I have joined a group on facebook to sell my items as well. It is called Handmade By Emmie Mae. Be sure to check it out! My sister also sells her jewelry on there, as well as my friend Sarah sells her handmade items too!!

Saturday night we headed over to N and K's to play some Dominoes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that game!!

Sunday M and I got all of our tax forms in order and filed all of our previous bills in the office. I worked on some laundry and took advantage of the nice weather and line dried them! We popped into town for groceries. We made lasagna for dinner for during the week and enjoyed cheeseburgers for dinner last night! And then the snow started, turned to ice pellets, then to rain, all enough to screw up my satellite. I had big plans to watch the ACM awards, so my ever so clever hubby took the hose and sprayed the satellite dish and just like magic, it worked!! Happy wife equals happy husband!!

Speaking of the ACM's I love Carrie Underwood, but did not love her outfit!! Loved her duet performance though!!! I also love her legs! lol! I also love Reba! As for Taylor Swift's song "So Mean" - I belt that one out in my car on the way home!! Haha, she did great!! I also love The Band Perry!! It is a show full of my favorites!! This show has been fantastic!!!

And because I am posting this early, I don't know what I will doing tomorrow. We will wait and see, but I do have girl's night in the evening!!

Update on last night.... HOLY SHAKE YOUR HOUSE, LIGHT UP THE ROOM THUNDERSTORM!! Did I mention the snow too?! Should all melt by this afternoon, but it seems that mother nature is having a midlife crisis!!


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