Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 2 and Tail Wagging Tuesday!

So this week I will start out with a bit of Tail Wagging Tuesday!!

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The topic today is doggie bling!!

My dogs don't actually wear anything most of the time, unless we are out for a walk or at the lake.

Hence why I don't even have a picture of their bling... but I will describe it to you!!

Both of the girls have their own personal ID tags with their names and our phone number on them. Lily's is pink and Gracie's is purple and they are both bone shaped! Lily's color is hot pink and brown stripes and Gracie's is baby pink and lime green.

When you get their collars and leashes out they go crazy! The girls know their collars as "necklaces" lol! They really should wear them when they are at the farm, but they don't.

So I will leave you a picture of the 2 of them!!

Love them to pieces!!

Now for a little bit of Top 2 Tuesday:

The topic today is things you collect!

Head on over HERE to play along!

I will admit my collections go in spurts... so I will go with the latest!

#1 would be BLANKETS!!! I just cannot get enough of them! All different colors, sizes and fabrics. I just cannot resist!

#2 would be sunglasses right now! I see them, love them and then buy them! I lose them like crazy too!

So there we have it!!

Happy Tuesday folks!


Rebekah said...

Your dogs are so pretty! Glenda goes nuts when we put her collar on. We really need to get her new tags. She still has the ones from the shelter and we've had her for a year and a half! Blankets are awesome to have!

Keeping up with Kindra said...

your dogs are so pretty :) love golden retrievers!

I am your newest follower!


Gabriella said...

They are beautiful! :)

ty said...

Your dogs are absolutely beautiful. For reals.

Meg said...

Your dogs are gorgeous!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses! always!

J and A said...

So pretty they are! :)

Hilary Lane said...

They're so pretty! The lady who did my home inspection so I could adopt Belle was from a golden rescue that I didn't even know existed around here. I saw her website after she left, and I told my dad that if I had known about her rescue before, I would've definitely been a sucker for one of her goldens!


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