Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Boring I Tell Ya!

So, while M and I were driving to my Aunt's for Easter, we started talking about how our lives would be different without each other. I told M his life would definitely be boring without me! So we started discussing some of the things he never would have done without me!

A few things that came up:
  • Trying to catch a Muscovy duck that I saw on the side of the road on my way home from work. We don't have these ducks in our area, so I knew it had to be domestic, however ONCE we found it, it was mean and IMPOSSIBLE to catch! We did waste an hour of our time trying.
  • I brought home this dog:

It was running in an out of traffic on a highway, so of course I pulled over, opened up my hatchback and it hopped right in! This dog was HUGE, as you can see in the picture, his feet are like monster feet! The dog was in really poor condition too! It was wet, smelt horrible, was skinny, had mattes all over. The picture was taken after we bathed him, clipped and brushed him! Oh I forgot to mention the funny part... I called Mike to tell him that I needed him to meet me in the driveway when I got home (which was our small old house) and that I had picked up a dog on my way home. While I was driving, the dog was trying to come up into the front seat of my car, there was one point where I had to pull over because I could not see out the window because the dog was standing on me. The dog also managed to turn on my four ways at one point! I hung up the phone on Mike and just booked it home! I had no idea what I was going to do with this dog, we already had 2 dogs at home, 2 big dogs (Diamond and Lily). So after calling around and refusing to take him into the shelter outside of town (it has a bad rap), we decided we would just hold on to him for the night and figure things out after work the following day. We tried putting him in the kennel, but that did not go over well. He was whining and pacing and he kept trying to get up on the bed with M and I. We finally gave up the fight and let him sleep with us. (Once again, the things we do...) The next day, we put Lily in her crate and left Diamond and the mystery dog free range in the house. We had the window in the room that Lily's crate was in open a CRACK. Off to work we went. I got a message at work that the dog we had rescued was found roaming again, so the person who found it just put it in the back yard. I freaked... the dog was in my house and was no longer in my house? How the hell did it get out? Luckily M's mom worked just down the street, so she went to my house to check on things and sure enough the dog was gone. He broke out the window that was opened a crack, which then allowed the cats to get out of the house! M's mom finally caught the cats and secured the house until we could get home.

I had got an ad put into the local paper before the dog escaped and received a phone call that night from the dog owner. I explained that the dog had broke out of my house and that I was no longer caring for him and then laid into them for not taking better care of their dog! Turns out they live near by where I picked the dog up! They thanked me for my time and energy wasted.

Oh the damage was minimal... the dog managed to push the window open and popped the screen off.

Sometimes we drive by the house and see them! Oh and in case you are wondering what kind of dog it was... Irish Wolfhound crossed with a Malamute/ Mastiff mix. Never would have guessed that one!

What can I say.... our life is NEVER boring!!

Have you ever got yourself into any interesting situations?


Michelle said...

What a great conversation to have with your man! Definitely makes me think of what I wouldn't have done without certain people in my life...

Jessica said...

You are such a good Samaritan!! Those people need to take better care of their dog, especially if the poor thing had mattes and was dirty. Poor thing.


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