Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday!

Today is not my typical Thursday! In fact, I am working today! Which means no 5 day weekend for me, just 4... shucks!! lol So the rest of this post will be in bullet form:

  • Poor Little Lux is getting fixed today :( He is losing his manhood and this is what he thinks about it:
I told him there is nothing to be ashamed of!!
  • He was also locked up last night because he was not allowed food or water after 10 PM... poor little guy is just not a happy camper!
  • We had a hectic morning this morning, this is how it went down... I woke up to M's pager going off for a medical call. (He was already up and eating breakfast.) I had my shower, was walking around the house trying to get dresses, do my hair, get my lunch going, etc. M comes home, he is wondering around the house trying to get ready and we are both tripping over Binx, who is having a melt down because Lux is locked up. So now, instead of just having one crying cat, we have 2. Once we were ready, I put Lux in the cat crate for the car ride and Binx tried to break him out. It was sooo cute (and sad) they were going paw to paw through the cage. Binx looks depressed when we took him out the door! I promised he would be back, but she was just plain old miserable! So that was morning in a nutshell!!
  • I am almost caught up on Parenthood! I have just started watching it last week and I am now on Season 2 Episode 4!!! Great show by the way!
  • I am loving Papa Jacks Popcorn!! Hmmhmm!!
  • We are supposed to head down to the lake this weekend for the first time this year!!!  No we won't be boating, as the boat is not in the water quite yet, but we will get the dock and hut set up!!
  • I am looking forward to spending Easter Sunday with family!!
  • I hope everyone is enjoying my reflections soo far! You can find them all here!!
  • I would really like to get a hair cut, like SHORT, which for me is above my shoulders, but I am going to wait until after the weddings this summer, I think!! (If I can)
  • Last night I sat through 3 hours of training for the Elections.... sooo boring!! Oh the things I sign up for!
I am also going to link up with Goodnight Moon for a song link up!!

I am loving:

California King - Rihanna and Jennifer Nettles

That's all I have got for you today!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!! Be safe and have fun!!


ty said...

Oh my gosh, my nephew Jack is getting his manhood robbed of him today too! Poor little guys ...

And have so much fun on the lake. Me and (maybe?) new boo went down over Spring Break and got the boat in the water and stayed in the house. SOOOO wonderfully relaxing!

Rebekah said...

Poor baby! Haha, I'm so glad we got Glenda as an older dog and didn't have to go through getting her fixed. I wouldn't have handled it very well! I want to change up my hair all the time, but I'm determined to grow it out!

Ashley D. said...

I love, love, love this song! I just love Rihanna and Jennifer Nettles! Wow! I haven't heard this song yet, but thanks for sharing!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Is that an actual picture of your kitty? He is ADORABLE. I am such a cat lover...but I can't own pets in our condo. :(

Jessica said...

Aww, good luck Lux!!! I hope the surgery went well. :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Jennifer Nettles! I am not a huge Rihanna fan but I do really like this song.

Jessica and Stephan said...

Haven't heard that song, or seen the video yet! Love it! thanks for posting it!

Fit With Flash said...

i LOVE adele and that you have her playing that song as soon as you bring up your blog! happy friday, girl!


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