Saturday, April 16, 2011

Renovation Weekend!

So, today is the day we get new floors in our bedroom!!! Bye Bye carpet... hello laminate!!!

I have never revealed our bedroom to you I realize, so I will now!!

Pictures from the old owners:

Yes weren't those curtains fantastic?! Ha!

And a recent picture taken today, before the floors.... I just realized I didn't have one with our old furniture... oppps!

(Excuse the mess, I just wanted to take some quick before pictures so you could see the changes!! Ignore the dust and the bed made improper)

The carpet... burbur to be exact!

Lux wanted to say HI!

So our "new" furniture needs some love!! More to come on that soon!!
Also don't mind my duvet cover, as you all know I have several options, but this is not the typical one...

Stay tuned for the after pictures!!

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