Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letter to PETA

I have wrote the following letter to PETA.

I agree with animal neutering and spaying and I agree with most of your values, however, you have got it wrong this time. I don't understand how this organization can throw out support for infertility awareness week? I get you are trying to convey a message, but you are being sooo entirely iinsensitive to infertile people who are suffering. As a group that understands suffering, how could you be sooo misled with this campaign? I get that you are trying to make your message stand, but you are going the opposite way on this one. This is a very disappointing campaign given at the wrong time, with the wrong message!

If you are willing to fork out $500 bucks for a vasectomy, why don't you fork out money for IVF? Yet, you seem to scream for donations and money... is this where the money is going to? I will definitely reconsider my donations to this organization!

And as for saying the humans are overpopulating... well I am pretty sure that it is us humans who are donating to your cause and adopting your pets. I get that you are all about animal rights, as I am all for animal rights as well, but do not question the human rights. We have the right to starting our own families and some are not as fortunate and you need to recognize that!!

You are not educating the public on this one, you are insulting them! Maybe you should research infertility and what the average infertile goes through, before you announce your support for infertility awareness week!!

You should cancel the campaign and make a public apology.

PETA has a campaign going on right now to win a vasectomy to help support Infertility Awareness week! Several people I know suffer from infertility, so I have wrote this letter to support them.

If you feel strongly about this, you can too! You can sign a petition and find out more about this HERE.


Jessica and Stephan said...

I can't believe that!! that is just HORRIBLE!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

I hate PETA, obiviously-I'nm married to a mixed animal vet. We know so much more about them than most and they are ridiculous! Have a great day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this!


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