Monday, October 3, 2011

Juat Another Manic Monday!

This weekend was pretty laid back, which was awesome in my opinion!!

Over the weekend M stationed the wardrobe to the wall, so I can fill it, I went to Ikea and picked up a few great finds including:

  • a picture frame
  • framed orchid wall hanging
  • a curtain
  • duvet cover
  • 3 awesome possum fall candles - burning one right now!
  • clothes pegs
  • bag clips
  • adorable cupcake cups
  • light fixture for the sewing room - it even came with light bulbs for only $20.
I managed to make it out spending less than $100!!!

M made me an amazing dinner last night: fall-off-the-bone ribs, mashed potatoes and the corn we froze from the summer!

We also bought our cats a laser. I will have to record Lux chasing it - priceless and soo entertaining!

I also let Binx go outside and chase leaves for the first time, she was doing back flips in the air trying to catch the leaves blowing off the trees and house, almost as entertaining as the laser!

I watched the movie Friends with Benefits last night - loved it! Highly recommend it! It had me laughing in quite a bit!

Today I plan on working on filling the wardrobe, I would like to make a cover for our rice/heat bags and just relax!!

Oh and this weekend was FREEZING!!! I actually broke down and turned the furnace on this morning..

Side note: Dear Nose: I don't know where you are running to, but you are not getting very far, so please stop while you are ahead.... I totally need shares with Kleenex...


Jennifer Vanzant said...

I LOVE ikea!! The only one closest to me is 3-4 hours away!!:-( might be a good thing though ha!! I've been wanting to see FWB so I'm glad you said you liked it!:-) have a great week girl!

J and A said...

Love Ikea - good finds!! And love ribs. Yum. Now I wants some for breakfast! :)


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