Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain Rain...

It has been raining like crazy and our forecast doesn't look soo hot for the weekend OR next week! This is my favorite time of the year - it can't rain for a week and a half straight!!

Now for a bit of:

Boob Tube Babble

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Heartland: was not on - probably because it was Thanksgiving here in Canada and it takes place out west!

DWTS: M and I just watched the dancing part, we haven't caught up on who got kicked off, but I may have heard Chyna - which granted she screwed up, but she was still better than Chaz. I am considering not watching it anymore since it is not about the dancing and Kristin is gone...

Hart of Dixie: Still loving the show! Not loving the blond though... her lipstick drives me batty!

Up All Night: This show cracks me up... you don't have to have kids to enjoy it!

90210: didn't watch yet

Days Of Our Lives: Getting sick of this John story already... just bring back Belle and Shawn already!

Parenthood: The baby came this week! After reading on TV Guide about how they went about staging the birth - I was disgusted, it may have involved grape jelly and cottage cheese - vomit now!

Sing Off: Still watching - the old men crack me up!

Glee: Just got caught up on last weeks and I am still not loving this season! It's pretty much a sympathy watch, but M still likes it!

Revenge: Loving it! I'd like to know how she has set all of this up! I also find it creepy that she can access people's computers like that - you can't do that in real life right?

Grey's: Haha rewind to last week - M actually watched it with me and LOVED it, but it was pretty much all about the men... The funny thing was I asked him if he wanted to watch it this week with me and he said NO! But this week was good!! Did not love the surgical subject though - TMI!

Private Practice: Not loving Violets new hair cut... I find them dealing with some very real issues this year soo far... interested to see how Charlotte handles the whole Cooper's son situation! I also like how Sam is reaching out to Addison as she begins dealing with IVF!

X-Factor: LOVING it!! Haven't watched this weeks, but the talent is crazy!!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


Victoria said...

i don't have kids and i still thoroughly enjoy "up all night", it is just funny and i love the actors.

hart of dixie is a good show! and lemon is such a snot, i say that her name fits her perfectly because she is so sour and tart :)

happy friday!

Jenny said...

Oh I would love to get some rain where I'm at, it's been so dry!!

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

New follower here! You watch as many shows as me it looks like:) I'm diggin' Hart of Dixie as well--and yes, blondie is a great actress because she drives me bonkers, too!

Julie said...

Revenge is one of my favorite new shows! I love it! And Grey's was SO good last good that I watched it again today! haha

Nicole said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And about Private Practice - I am SO glad I wasn't alone in not liking Violet's new haircut. Her long hair was WAY better. Also, I've been watching Grey's since season one, and am addicted. It's probably one of my favorite all-time shows! I hear McDreamy is leaving the show though, was that just a rumor? I sure hope he stays!


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