Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Typical Wednesday Post

I have soo much to love and somethings I am not loving.

Let's start out with the things I am loving:

- I love that my best friend (my MOH from my wedding) got engaged Monday night!!! I am over the moon and back excited for her!!!

- I love my new curling iron I was talking about on Monday!! I used it last night with the biggest attachment and it made perfect beach waves! I didn't put any product in either and they all feel loosely, which was the look I was going for!! Oh and bonus, it didn't take me all that long!! I was a bit nervous, as it does not have a clip, it is just a rod that you wrap your hair around. Oh and it gets super HOT, super FAST!

- I love that I got to see my best friend and her new fiance last night to celebrate before they headed back up north!! I also agreed to make the trek up north to see them and their new house!

- One of my other good friends got engaged as well on the weekend! Crazy goodness of course!!

- I need to figure out a Halloween costume idea for the hubs and I for this weekend.

- I am NOT loving all the rain we are getting!

- I am NOT loving that our hot tub is still not fixed, but I do love that they guy is trying to get the stuff under warranty!!

- I am off tomorrow!!!

- I do NOT love these new supplements I have to take. Here comes a mini rant:
-they are disgusting
-they are huge
-I have to take 2 pills twice a day with food
-they stink
-they are massive - did I mention that?
-I have issues taking pills, so I tried to open the capsule and mix it in a fruit smoothie - disgusting, I even made M try it!
-I tried taking it with milk last night and gagged like crazy.
-so far the only thing that is working is to swallow with a fruit smoothie or V8 - I think it is the thickness and string flavor to try to mask the disgustingness and size.
Does anyone have an innovative way to take huge pills?

Okay I am done ranting for now!

- I love my hubby.

- I love my dogs, even when a certain light colored one chews things she isn't allowed to. (I may be trying to convince myself of that one).

As far as Pinterest goes:


Well said.

Pinned Image
Hart of Dixie - Love this show!!

Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw. SMART!
I recommended doing this for my hubby on the weekend and he thought I was crazy... we didn't up trying it, but I still wonder!

DIY CD cases
I need to make something similar for my photo shoot client disks! Anyone have any ideas?

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!


J and A said...

Yay for your bach curls! :) And so exciting for your friends. the pills will be worth it. Remnind yourself of that.

Kit said...

Great loves!!! Hope you have a great day!

P! said...

I'm glad you love so much on this lovely day!! And I'm also glad your curling iron worked well... maybe I need to get a new one after all! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

congrats to your engaged friends!! that is so awesome. sorry about the supplements yuck! what is this curling iron awesomeness? what is the brand?

Melissa said...

Thanks for following my blog! I LOVE your dogs, they are so beautiful!


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