Friday, October 21, 2011

Your Newest Love Bug

I am officially a new LOVE BUG!!! What is a love bug you ask? I represent and offer savings for:

Lovable Labels provide a variety of products which help you label various things, such as clothing, shoes, Tupperware, children's toys/clothes/etc, allergy labels, address labels, iron ons, bag tags and soo much more and all for affordable pricing! Shipping is FREE in Canada and only $3.00 US!!

These products will make all of your lives easier in one way or another, especially moms!!

They are:
-dishwasher safe
-microwave safe
-UV resistant
-washing machine safe
-dryer safe

Check out their website HERE.

You will not only help support a local school, but I can offer you a 10% discount with this code:
(just enter during checkout)

Check it out and get your orders placed!! They also make great gifts!!

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