Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So What I'm Loving Pinterest - Again!

I wasn't going to start my post off with So What Wednesday... but with a day like mine so far... I had to!

- So what if I was walking around clinic this morning with my toes scrunched up, which I was blaming on new socks...

- So what if it was not the socks after all?

- So what if I found a mouse in my shoe - luckily the cat toy breed... furry and yellow... Thanks Binx or Lux.. turns out my socks are comfy after all!

- So what if I had the longest drive back to the office this morning thanks to not 1 detour but THREE! In which case I asked the road guy at detour 1 how to get back to Cambridge and he rapped off a bunch of turns, which stunned me with silence - he asked me if I was okay - I snapped out of it and said "um yah". He then proceeded to tell about 7 other cars to follow me because I knew where I was going! HAHA! Little did he know I was the blind leading the blind! I could get lost in a corner! But I found my way thanks for my old school GPS... to find another detour as well as another one after that!

- So what if we are supposed to get a ton of rain and wind today

- So what if it is only Wednesday and I wish it was Friday...

- So what if my dogs hate this working 5 days a week and I now need to make a new dog bed - more to read on that below... Go ahead guess which one did it...

Now on to:

  • I am loving the workout plan I have officially started last night:
Pinned Image
found here on Pinterest!
  •  There are three other stages! It made me feel like a child again doing jumping jacks. I may or may not have had to think twice on how to even do  jumping jack - it's been a while!

  • I love my dogs.... even when I came home from work last night to find that they had "defoamed" the dog bed that I slaved over making, which also meant that they chewed the fabric... I know they are just telling me that they don't like it when I work every day... but a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do... 

  • I loved that I completed the challenge!! I DID IT!!!! I went 21 days without pop!!! The hardest was when I was out for dinner and not having a gingerale! I maybe only had one gingerale a day on average, but some days I went without! I kind of miss having it when I go out for dinner or to friends houses, but I think I can significantly cut back now!! I am soo proud of myself, especially since not even a week after I took the challenge I wanted a gingerale! I have also managed to cut back significantly on chips and sweets! The veggie/fruit a day is a work in progress! We haven't had pasta for a couple of weeks too!
Now on to Oh So Pinteresting!!

be strong & courageous.
Love this bible verse


Really cute kitchen towel tutorial!
Love these tea towels - I think I should make some

Does anyone know how to make these ruffles?!

SNICKER SALAD (tastes like a yummy carmel apple with nuts and chocolate)    Ingredients:  Cool whip  Snickers (frozen or cold - easier to chop)  green apples (tart, with a little sweet and lots of juicy)    Chop apples into bite size pieces. Chop Snickers bars into bite size pieces. Combine in bowl. Stir in cool whip. ENJOY!!
This looks easy, yummy and healthy!!

Pinned Image
I need to make a buffet in my useless closet in my dining room.. This sparked that genius idea!

Pinned Image
What a smart idea!

Have a great day!! You can find me on Pinterest by clicking my button on my sidebar!


Pye Family said...

impressed that you made your own dog bed. SO frustrating when they eat stuff! I just yell at Ellie, "WHY?!!", and she just turns her head to the side and wags her tail. Good grief! :) We got her an LLBean bed and she ate it, and my husband wigged out and sewed it back together. It doesn't look great, but oh well.

J and A said...

Cute pins. Oh that apple and snicker looks divine. Nice work on the no pop!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Ok, THAT'S an exercise plan I can commit to!! Baby steps, right?

Ashley said...

I did that exercise challenge! Well I made it to halfway through the 3 stage, I just didn't have the time to run as much as was "required". Good luck :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

that dog house picture under the stairs is so precious. and i can't believe it is only wed, this week is as slow as molasses, can't it be friday already!

Shannon Dew said...

I have that exercise plan pinned too, sadly that's about all i've done with it. so what! right?

JennyBeth said...

Ive used a gps once, and it got me lost. I have no sense of direction.
I would love to know how that work out works out for you. lol


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