Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday, my day was BUSY and then my night was BUSY!!

Here are my thoughts on Thursday:
  • I am going to guess that everyone has seen this video:

Can I just say how cute is the little blond? Also - not sure that I would want my kid singing that song.. but she does do it well!!

  • I am grateful for the friendships I have. I had great google chat with Alison last night (thanks again) and with K on the phone! I'd be lost without you girls!
  • Yesterday was busy in the office, plus I had to go to one of our satellite locations and give a lesson on patient monitor hook-ups. I went home, had dinner and left right away to go to a visitation for one of our friend's father who passed away over the weekend :( Cancer is a mean vicious contender in this world!
  • Blackberry seems to be back up and running... cursed thing....
  • Sorry for the word verification for commenting - it is only temporary! I have been getting sooo much spam lately, so I am going to turn this on for now!
  • I would like to try to learn how to do blog design... it can't be THAT hard!! I wonder if there are any tutorials online?!
  • Soo pumped that our new window for the great room should be installed one day next week!!!
  • Oh and incase you forgot... I love this time of the year, everything is soo pretty. My whole driveway is COVERED in leaves and I am loving it - M's not impressed that the maple tree hasn't finished dropping, it still looks quite full.
  • I think I might start showcasing some of my favorite blogs, I know I LOVE finding new blogs to read (Shhh don't tell google that I am over thier limit of 300).
  • I am working today :( But it's okay because it is raining out!
  • Thanks for all the sweet comments about the pictures as well!!
  • Gracie just wanted to give you all one of her "Feel sorry for me looks"


J and A said...

Here anytime! Glad we can chat like that. :) Thankful for you too. Hugs.

dana @ wonder forest said...

awwww little pup!!
hi from a fellow canadian :)
xo dana

Kristin said...

I really cant believe there isnt a cure for cancer yet. ugh

Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously, that video was hilarious. I haven't seen it. Don't watch a ton of TV. That was like a 30 year old woman stuck in a little girl's body. :) Gracie is seriously a little model. So precious. I also have a very random blog question, and thought you might now. Apparently picassa is 99% full for me, and they want me to buy storage. have you done this? or can you just delete photos? or does that take them off your blog. Don't want to have to stop blogging. sad

Ashley Slater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Slater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Slater said...

hello! thanks for visiting my little blog! You have a new follower because well, anyone named ashley is cool in my book! and also, you have furbabes so pretty sure we would be friends in real life!

as for that video-- i saw those little girls on ellen and I have to say I am astounded that a parent would let their child listen to and repeat certain lyrics from that song ! ugh, cringe.

love your blog! hope to see you around again!

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