Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday

Wow those weekends go fast, but today I am blogging from home!! Yup day off!! Ohh how I have missed my Monday's off! Even though I ended up waking up just as early as a work day - M's fire pager went off in my ear as he was kissing me goodbye this morning. Wouldn't trade being a fire fighter's wife for the world though! I am soo proud of M for all that he does for the community!!

This weekend went by with wanting to get soo many things accomplished and well pretty much nothing actually getting accomplished. Just one of those weekends..

Friday I stopped at Winner's and picked up my new curling iron set, as well as some goodies for the dogs!

This is what I bought and I hope to try it out today. It is not the one I wanted to buy, and cost me a bit more, but it came with more and I have 10 days to return it!

We ended up having dinner at the farm Friday night.

I also received a promotional email from my cell phone provider offering me the new blackberry torch for a penny. Their system has been down, but it sounds like a great deal - here is to hoping I end up getting it! It would have the touch screen as well as the keyboard!

Saturday morning we were supposed to get our new window installed, so we took down the blind and drapery and then found out that the window that they ordered was too small... luckily they realized that before they took my old window out! I guess the ordering guy misread the measurement, so now we wait another 3 weeks!

So we headed into town to try to get the part for our mudroom doors, so we can flip the way the patio door opens... it is special order.. so that didn't happen either!

We picked up the chemicals for the hot tub so we can start that up and headed home. We headed to the lake to go pick up our new gazebo that we bought off friends. We managed to complete that task and then went out for dinner with M's parents again! Saturday night we played Clue with friends!

Sunday morning I had a photo shoot with friends of ours to take family photos! It was a beautiful day and everything went smoothly! We had lunch with them and then headed home to get things done around the house. M attempted to start up the hot tub and we ran into our first problem ever with it! It kept popping the breaker. So we have a call in with a tech for that :( Needless to say that didn't end up getting finished. But we did manage to get the old gazebo taken down and the new one up with lights and all! We still have the curtains to put on, but we aren't in a rush for that. M also managed to get the cushions put away for the patio furniture! I finally got a few loads of laundry done on the line, may as well take advantage of the nice weather while it is here, since more rain is on its way!

Today I have a long list of things I would like to accomplish, but it might be too long lol!
- work in kitchen - clean out cabinets, fridge, etc.
- make a bag for clothes pins
- consider making a new purse depending on the material choices I currently have
- vacuum
- edit photos
- fold laundry
- pop over to the post office
- try new curling iron
- make dinner

Tomorrow I have an exciting guest post, be sure to check it out!!!


J and A said...

Sounds like a good weekend and a busy day! :) Enjoy.

P! said...

I'm wild about weekends like that, actually. Despite the fact that we don't always get things done, I just love having a weekend to work around the house. Makes me feel like a real-life adult haha! And P.S. I'm jealous that you have a hot tub at all- even if it is giving you a fit right now! :D


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