Monday, October 17, 2011

Manic Monday

It has been a busy weekend around here.

Friday night we had dinner over at the farm and celebrated life... we have lost quite a few people in our village this past week, so we had dinner and cake and just enjoyed each other's company.

Saturday we had a memorial for friend of the family and member of the village... life is short... the service was touching, as the minister had a lot of good points:
  • We may not see the big picture or understand God's plan, but we need to believe in it.
  • Everyday is gift, use it appropriately, never leave words unsaid.
  • Life can't be full of only good things, trust in God that He will bring us through the bad things.
There was soo much more... but either way, be grateful for what you have.

M and I baked Apple Pie Rolls found here:

Mini apple pies.  I'm trying these tonight!
found here

Notice how I said WE baked... we never bake together - M is a crazy "measurer" and I am a "follow most of the directions baker". I know I have mentioned that I don't cook, but I am a damn good baker... not to get all full of myself or anything, it is the one thing I learned from a very small age - thank you Grandma!

So M peeled the apples, while I rolled out the dough. I got the sugar ready and M wanted to do the cinnamon, I wanted to put in more cinnamon than what the recipe called for, but M insisted on measuring it out. He put in 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, after he added it, I thought it looked like A LOT of cinnamon, sure enough the recipe called for 2 teaspoons of sugar... I scooped a bit back out and we finished up.

They were fantastic!! Highly recommend the recipe, with a few tweaks!

Here is a quick picture of us on Saturday!

We had my Aunt's 50th surprise party to make an appearance at. She had NO clue! It was great! She ended up arriving late, so we only ended up seeing her for 5 or 10 minutes unfortunately, but we had prior arrangements for games night, which started back up!

M ended up winning the prize too! Now I have a beautiful gourd plate, it even has Halloween candy in it too!!

Saturday I had felt the beginning of a cold coming on and sure enough it hit me over night...

Sunday morning we had the fireman's breakfast - M was up for 5 AM - crazy! I headed over around 9:00 AM. We got some laundry done, I had a nap with the cats, headed to town for groceries and that sums up our weekend!

I am hoping our new window gets installed this week, as long as the rain holds off! It was rainy and cold here all weekend! Thank goodness the sun is shining today!

We bought some new mouse repellents... we caught 3 over the weekend.. creepy rodents... I hope these things work!

I think I need to get a new curling iron.. mine is a cheapo Revlon... any recommendations?

We got a new gazebo/tent for the hot tub this weekend too... well we haven't GOT it yet, hopefully this weekend!!


Michelle said...

I must try those apple pie rolls! I am a sucker for anything apple these days :)

J and A said...

Those apple rolls look awesome. Hope you feel better soon. I love my curling iron, can't remember the name, it's on my blog somewhere. TIGI something... :)

Jesica said...

Curling Iron the best is Hot Tools. Also, for the mice try peppermint oil! You put a bit on cotton balls around the edges of walls or wherever you're finding them and it keeps them away, the smell is too strong for them or something. Also, bonus makes your house smell like candycanes!

Meg {henninglove} said...

yum! those rolls looks great, must try them. it is difficult what you and your husband are going through just cling to God and ask Him to give you strength.
and happy birthday to your aunt, I love surprise parties!

Dakota Transplant said...

Yum! on the apple pie rolls. Those are great to go desserts.
Also, I agree on the recc for Hot Tools curling iron. You can get them half price online rather than in the salon, but salons do have the best irons.


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