Thursday, August 16, 2012


Have you ever gone through life waiting for someone to become someone you wish they were? Yet being constantly disappointed in the things they have done, and continue to do?

I have.

I can honestly say that I just wish the best out of people and even if I have never seen their best I can't help but to think it is just waiting to come out. Clearly I am sucker for punishment!

I think that I imagine a person to be nicer than they are, and then when it doesn't happen, I just figure they are having an off day, and continue to put in all that I have to make them feel a bit better, or shrug off the cold shoulder I continue to get.

I am not one who has problems talking to strangers, making new friends, or just being social. The friends I have, I put everything into, I support them the way I would like to be supported, I treat them the way I would want to be treated. I know this is an old school mentality, but I was brought up that you do on to others the way you would want them to do on to you. I was taught to respect those around you, even if they don't deserve it, be the bigger person.

But what I wonder is when is it enough? When do you accept that the person for who they are, whether it be good or not, whether it be something you can respect or not. When do you stop waiting for the goodness of a person to come out? When do you stop being disappointed?

The funny thing is that I look at my relationship with my husband. I don't have a doubt in my mind about who he is or how much I love him, and even though we differ in the way we look at others, he is never disappointed in people. He says I need to stop expecting the good in others and it would save me the disappointment later. He is right, but how the heck do you stop?!

One thing I know is that I would feel alot better if I did find a way to stop expecting the best in others, if I was able to accept someone for who they are.

Some people have all the reasons in the world to be happy and they just aren`t. Some people have gone through things I will never know about and that is what made them who they are today. Although these all seem like excuses to see the glass half empty. With all that I have gone through in the last couple of years, I still choose to see the glass half full no matter what, I refuse to let others see me at my worst. My smile will beam bigger just to not let life bring me down. That is how I think everyone should handle life, but they don`t. That is the difference.

I am going to work on accepting people for who they are, not who I think they should be!


Al said...

Ashley, I'd like to introduce you to my husband and then you can tell him the EXACT same thing. That man expects the WORLD from people, and it results in continual disappointment.

It's ok. And know that you aren't alone. I don't have overly high expectations, but I do wear my heart on my sleeve and often get hurt that way.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

Love to you, doll.

Leigh said...

Just stopped by to say that I really like the new look! Your new font makes it much easier to read :)

J and A said...

Great post girl. Xo
Ps. New font is awesome!


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