Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Skipped Monday Again....

I really should just write off blogging on Mondays so it seems... I had full intentions of blogging yesterday, but then I ended up going last minute apartment searching with my Mom and Sister yesterday! Luckily we found one for my Mom!

It has been birthday crazy around here lately!! Sunday was M's!!! Yup he is another year older! We didn't do too much, just dinner with his parents, I made a cake and we had a nice mellow evening. Yesterday was Grandma's, and today is my sisters!!

Our weekend was pretty laid back as well! Friday night M had ball and they won!!! Yay!! Saturday we did housework, picked up ribs for dinner and watched Friends With Kids. It was a pretty funny movie! I also changed the curtains around in the house. The ones from the bedroom are now in the great room and I love it:

I put ones that we had stored away in the bedroom.

On Sunday night I decided to hide my fear and made things happen for myself, hopefully with the support of those around me, but I made my photography facebook page. To say I was scared to hit share is an understatement, but I think it is time I put myself out there!! I have had a lot of support from those around me and I am very appreciative! Feel free to check out my page here and like it!!

Yesterday I took M's truck in for an oil change while apartment searching. We had made some lasagna on Sunday, so we had that for dinner last night and then M was off to fire practice.

Today I finally got my photo book in!!! Sooo excited!! I love how it turned out:

And then my scentsy order came in!!!

Meet Whoot:

He is hard at work right now baking a birthday cake, or so it smells!! I love it!!! I am soo happy scentsy is finally in Canada!!

I am actually considering selling it, because I love the product soo much!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!


Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I love the Woot Woot!! He is so cute. And I really like the idea of the photo book. What a great way to do a photo album. :)

J and A said...

owl is so cute! Congrats on the photog page! Apartment shopping is fun! And your photo boook looks great.

Hilary Lane said...

Go you for having the guts to hit share! :-) I considered it a few times a few years ago when I actually had the time to devote to it, but there are so many people I know that are actually really good at it, that I could never actually do it. Props to you!


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